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10 Smart Lead Generation Techniques For Your Next Marketing Campaign

A good lead generation page will generate leads that convert. Luckily, designing a lead-generating landing page need not be overwhelming or lengthy. When you look at the cases of some of the best lead-generating websites, you will understand specifically what works – and most importantly, why it works.

Leading SEO marketing agency Digital White Labels can help businesses grow faster and become more profitable by generating quality leads that convert. Their research-based strategies are designed to be implemented successfully; you can easily contact them for that extra edge.

So, here are 10 smart lead generation techniques that not only increase conversions but also augment your brand’s trust factor and influence:

1. Include a contact number

When you add a contact number to your website it may seem illogical, as the visitors may not call. Doing so, however, increases customer trust and lends credibility to your offer. Even if your customers don’t call, the availability of your phone number will offer them comfort. They can come back later to contact you when they are sure they want to take a look at your service or products. In fact, an email id can also be provided where visitors can drop in a message.

2. Post forms on every page

Having easy access to an actual lead generation form is equivalent to increasing the number of viable leads through your website. The less information they ask for, particularly in the first step, the more likelihood there will be of people parting with their valuable personal details. Uploading lead generation forms increases the likelihood of customers noticing them and filling them out, particularly if there are visual cues such as arrows and an enticing offer such as a free quote.

You can go through this link – and see the clarity with which this leading SEO Agency has put out clear information and contact forms on each page of their website. They also include free consultation that can entice visitors to submit their contact information.

3. Add photos and testimonials for greater credibility

Testimonials are powerful marketing tools and adding photos or rich media such as videos or audio clips can take them a step further. Although videos and audio clips can be a little heavy for websites and may increase the load time. However, solid testimonials can have a strong impact on relevant audiences and may lend support to your offers.

4. Make your videos speak to your users

Online videos bridge the gap between online and offline commerce, while greatly increasing conversion rates for a wide range of industries – particularly e-commerce websites. The highest-performing videos speak to the user.

Create content (video, audio, and blogs) that connects to your visitors. This way chances of going wrong will be as good as none.

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5. Use trust seals

All seal providers assert that including a trust seal on your website can improve conversion rates. A trust seal is a visual and mental assurance that your brand is trustworthy.

Instead of embossing a seal for pure visual security benefits, choose one that is backed by a guarantee to the consumer.

6. Use powerful words while describing your offer

Powerful action words such as ‘Get’, ‘Feel’, and ‘Have’ are strong compellers because of their active tone as opposed to terms like ‘imagine having’, ‘imagine feeling’, and so on. The use of action-oriented words in your offer puts the customer in a pivotal role as one receiving the benefits as opposed to simply hearing about them.

A good SEO Agency such as Digital White Labels will be able to guide you appropriately. Their sole aim is to boost your digital returns and that you get the best-possible online profits while keeping your investments low.

7. Avoid cookie-cutter site templates

It should go without saying, but when it comes to quality lead generation, you should avoid any cookie-cutter website templates. You must invest in the best possible website that you can afford, and make sure you make the page’s purpose clear upfront so that the designer can tailor it for generating leads rather than simply letting it look nice. Having a well-designed site also increases the trust and confidence level of the customers who come shopping online.

8. Consider the end goal

What is it that you ultimately want to get from your visitors? Fill out a form, subscribe to your mailing list, or a callback? Defining your ultimate aim will help better you in adjusting your conversion goals, accordingly; so, give it some serious thought.

9. Re-nurture leads

Not every lead is going to close immediately. To avoid leads from going away, remember to re-nurture leads that don’t convert right away. Not every lead will be a buyer after your initial attempt at contacting them. But you must not discard the lead, instead, put them into a re-nurture program. You can offer them something else consistently to ultimately convert the lead.

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