The Best Weapons In OSRS

Do You Need To Find The Best Weapons That Are Available In OSRS? Then Here Is What You Need To Know

Have you ever wanted to know what the best weapons in OSRS are? Then look no further than here to find out more. 

The likes of OSRS gold plays a major part in Old School Runescape. It can help you a great deal to gain access to further content in the game, such as dungeons, quests, bosses, and much more. To take care of such content, you are going to need to be armed with the best weapons that you can find. If you have been wondering what some of the most effective weapons are in the title, then this list will present you with some great ideas of what you should be looking for.

Toxic Staff of the Dead

This might look like a rather strange staff, but you should be aware that this is one of the most deadly weapons in the game. You will need to have both level 75 in magic and attack, and comes with incredibly high attack stats.

It also conjures up the “Power of Death” special attack that lowers your opponent’s melee damage by half. It might not be the most effective attack, but the animation makes up for it. The staff also has a 25% chance of adding poison damage when you are using combat spells too. If you want to find this stuff, then you will need to defeat K’ril Tsutsaroth in the God Wars Dungeon.

Saradomin Sword

If you find yourself in the Dungeon of the Gods, then try and get your hands on this mighty two-handed sword. You can do so by defeating Commander Zilyana, though it may take you a number of attempts. If you have a lot of gold or you have resorted to having to buy OSRS gold, then you can get the sword for 65,000 OSRS GP.

As for the sword itself, it has a “Saradomin’s Lightning” special attack in which you summon electricity that increases your melee and magic damage. You can also improve the slash and strength rating by combining it with Saradomin’s tear to make Saradomin’s Blessed Sword, which also changes how the special attack works.

Abyssal Whip

If you have a level 85 slayer and a level 70 attack, then you are prepared to take on the Abyssal Demons to get them to drop the devastating whip. Statistically, this is one of the most powerful melee weapons you can get. When you combine it with a Kraken Tentacle, you can make it into an Abyssal Tentacle too.

You might want to avoid using it to add to your strength skill since it isn’t all that effective for this, but needless to say, it’s still one of the best melee weapons in the entire game, especially when combined with a shield.

Toxic Blowpipe

Considered by many as one of the best-ranged weapons in the entirety of OSRS, like the twisted bow this can see you dealing some extremely high damage when you reach your ranged level of 75. You will also need to use a chisel with a tanzanite fang so that you can make it, so get your fletching skill up to 53.

One of the most appealing aspects of this weapon is the use of the “Toxic Siphon” ability, which increases your damage by 50% whilst also restoring health by half of the amount of the damage that was dealt. It also has a 25% chance of hitting your opponent with venom damage and can have a ranged attack of 60 with 40 ranged strength when charged using Zulrah’s scales.

Saradomin Godsword

The name alone gives this weapon a high place on the list, but it’s the sheer damage that it deals that is why it is so coveted. With a +132 slash damage and the same for strength bonus, this is a true force to be reckoned with. What’s more, the “Healing Blade” ability sees a sweeping swing that adds accuracy, max hit, and restoration for both health and prayer.

To get this weapon, you will need to fuse three Godsword shards that you find in the God Wars Dungeon with a Saradomin Hilt. These are dropped by Commander Zilyana, so once you have what’s needed you will need to get your smithing up to 80 and your attack up to 75.

These are without a doubt the best weapons that you can find within Old School Runescape. If you need to find a site to sell OSRS gold to help you towards getting some of them, then I would strongly recommend doing so to get the full effect of being able to wield the best weapons on offer.

Have you found any of these OSRS weapons? Let us know in the comments section below!

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