Surge Of Diagnostic Centres During COVID-19

The Sars-2-CoV-2 has prompted the demand for adequate care. The testing centres have been significantly important at the advent of Covid-19. They assisted people in discerning their state and offered valuable counsel. Lucid medical diagnostic Banjara hills are replete with medical professionals who are invested in providing high-quality and affordable services. The testing demand during Covid-19 significantly shot up.

The pandemic demanded not just quality diagnosis but also quality disease management. This gave birth to many new path labs and carved a neat profit for the existing ones. People would queue up outside these places to get tested for Covid-19. Path labs also attempted to keep the Covid tests available to match the demand, which was scarce back then. The government spared no effort in making the kits accessible to people.

Lucid medical diagnostics Banjara hills provide a myriad of different tests. They also have affiliations with some of the most renowned labs of India. The lockdown period witnessed growth in high-value specialised testing. The labs also controlled costs by digitally automating processes that helped them boost profits. The lockdown period also recorded the highest profit margins for several path labs.


Not only did path labs earn extra profits, but they also spruced up their working environment. They invested more in new technologies and leveraged digital technology to enhance business. The labs are leaning towards digital technology, logistics, information and business continuity plans. Larger diagnostic firms have also started investing in state-of-the-art technologies, sperm DNA testing, genetic testing, oncogenomics and neurogenomics using freshest technologies such as next-generation sequencing and FISH & Sanger sequencing.

These new tests will bring significant income, but the primary profit is still yielded from Covid testing. The diagnostic structure is highly fragmented in India. The more the chains, the higher the revenue.

The next segment ready to grow is lifestyle disease-related services. Evidence-based treatment is also prospering, and there is an amplified focus on preventative healthcare and wellness. The future of Indian diagnostics is looking bright.

The diagnostic chains are undergoing assimilation because corporate chains have been acquiring small and standalone businesses. If the diagnostic centres did not pull up their socks, the country would testify a similar response to the Ebola outbreak. The later studies shed light on the fact that the deaths of Ebola outbreak could be controlled if the testing scenario was more efficient.

Quicker and more timely diagnosis can assist people and save many lives. Once the hotspot is identified, doctors will choose a prudent course of treatment. Hence, saving lives.


1) Covid antibody test: The test commences with taking a blood sample and determining whether a person has antibodies. An individual can only take this test once they have fully recovered and is showing no active manifestations.

2) Vitamin testing: Occurs when a trained professional pricks a needle into the vein and sends the sample back to test for vitamin deficiencies. It can help people make the necessary life changes and increase/decrease their vitamin intake.

3) Liver testing: Liver testing can occur in two forms—blood sample and sonograms. The purpose is to discern whether the person is undergoing any liver infections or suffering an anomaly. Conditions like high blood pressure, anaemia and diabetes can amplify the likeliness of getting a liver test.4) Kidney testing: Kidneys help is waste removal from the blood. There are various ways to conduct a kidney test. It is highly advisable for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases to get their kidneys checked annually.

5) Lipid profile testing: Consists of a series of tests such as cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglycerides. These tests determine the fat content in the body and are recommended for people with unhealthy lifestyle patterns.

6) Cardiac risk markers: Prescribed for older adults; this test can help detect anomalies in the heart. Most times, people go on with their lives unfazed. They do not realise that something is wrong with them. It is only after subjecting themselves to such tests that people are more aware. It helps to take the necessary action on time.


The diagnostic centres these days provide many services and are still broadening their horizons. Their growth in the past few months has been monumental and will keep soaring. The testing pattern has become more streamlined lately—the burden of  Sars-2-CoV-2 has equipped them well. The focus is slowly shifting from Covid-19 to non-communicable diseases once again.

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