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What Should I Do With My Old Carpet?

Finally, you’ve got that carpet removal sorted. It was quite a hassle to find a new one you like and which complements your living room, wasn’t it? But what are you going to do with your old carpet now? Some spots probably have their stains, but in other areas, it’s still looking good. Of course, you could have it picked up by the junk removal or give it another purpose beforehand.

Perfect liner for sheds and treehouses

Do you have a shed in which you like to play your drums? In that case, lining the walls with your old carpet would be perfect. It’s going to absorb the sound and your neighbours won’t come over that soon to complain.

However, if you built a treehouse or another kind of shed for your children to play in, the old carpet is still good to use on those floors. Your children will soon leave some new strains. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a good clean before you put it onto the floors of their playhouses. Moreover, it’s going to make their little homes cosier to stick around for playing. Perfect set up for the next tea parties to come!

A pet’s treasure

Do you have cats or dogs? Well, in that case, your old carpet can still be of use for them. They are going to destroy it over time anyway.

Line a dog house with your old carpet to keep your dog warm and cosy on the less sunny days of the year. Simply cut it to size and enjoy your dog’s happy face. But also for cats, there’s a lot in it with an old carpet you thought about throwing out already. Just attach it to the base of the cat scratcher. If you build a tall one, you should also put carpet on the other platforms of the scratching post. If you like, you can also attach the old carpet to the scratching post itself and replace the old sisal that’s already coming off. 

Upcycling project

You didn’t buy the old carpet because you didn’t like its design or colours. While you’re completely in love with the new one, you may feel a little sentimental about letting go of your old carpet. Fret not. 

Do you have an upholstered ottoman or some stools and chairs that could do with a makeover? Fantastic. Take a stapler and attach a good piece of the old carpet to your ottoman. In the same manner, you can attach some pieces onto the seating surface of your chairs, stools or benches. If you’re good at sewing, you could also turn your old carpet into throw pillows for your sofa or seat pads for visitors, your children or your knees when you’re gardening.

Other large pieces of your old carpet could be used as area rugs. As such, you won’t have to let go of your beloved old carpet completely. However, it’s advisable to give it a good clean if it’s dingy.

The smaller bits and pieces

Obviously, your old carpet doesn’t look brand new in all areas, else you would probably not have replaced it with a new one. You can use smaller bits and pieces of it for further uses around your house and also your car.

A nicely cut piece of your old carpet can turn into a new doormat. It would certainly also serve well as a doormat for sheds or your cabin. It doesn’t matter anymore if it gets dirty. At the end of the day, that’s what doormats are there for, right? Should you find no other purpose for your old carpet, you could cut out several doormats and just have them at hand, once one has to be replaced.

Similarly, you can use parts of your old carpet in your car as new floor mats. If you don’t need new floor mats in your car, you can at least keep the interior clean on rainy and muddy days. Especially at the back where your children find their seat, old pieces of your carpet serve a splendid purpose for dirty shoes and other mishaps.

However, there is still another great function you can use parts of your old carpet for. Cut it into some strips and keep them in your trunk during winter. Should you get stuck, you can put some of those carpet stips in front of your tires to gain some traction. You won’t need to call a tow truck and move on within no time. Alternatively, you could place some stripes of old carpet along the walls of your garage that might be a little narrow for your car. Whenever you open your doors, they won’t get scratched but hit the carpet.

Useful decoration

Should you have even smaller pieces of your old carpet that still looks good enough, cut out some squares or circles. You can use these as coasters for glasses and mugs. If you’re a little more creative, you can turn your old carpet into a great new wall hanging. Your old carpet serves as a base to attach yarn, tassels or whatever you feel like. Similarly, you can repurpose pieces of your old carpet as a pinboard. Attach it to some plywood as a base and put it into an old picture frame. Those are a great gift, too, to pin up new family photos.

Before you get completely rid of your old carpet, there’s still a lot you can do with it. As one last resort, you can use some pieces to cover the compost in your garden. Once your old carpet has served well during its additional purposes, you can still put it onto the junk pile of your spring cleaning and let the junkyard deal with the rest of it. But as you can see, only because you removed the carpet and got a new one, there’s no reason to make use of the old one before you completely bin it.

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