Alcohol Consumption: Understanding It’s Effects On Social Life

Alcohol Consumption! There is a persistent quest for instant gratification in the current time and age that has resulted in many “bad habits” that develop in people. These habits fall along the lines of mental health problems.

Gratification and numbness are things that people desire to find to take time off their worries, the pressure of responsibilities, and tension.

Excessive peer pressure and extensive work time are the most common causes of such habits, eventually transforming into addiction. Consumption of alcohol in mindless quantity and over continuous time frames can be regarded as the beginning of addiction.

At this stage, it is easiest to bring back control over oneself and get rid of that dependency. Addiction can become very dangerous over time, and one might react in ways that can harm oneself or his environment.

Due to the seriousness of the problem, alcohol addiction treatment has extensively evolved over the years to reduce the health hazards diagnosed in people with overconsumption.

Causes That Lead To Overconsumption And Addiction:

1. Workload:

In every field of work, there is ongoing competition with or without announcement. Employees in corporate fields strive to compete with colleagues to get promoted. Likewise, people in the art fields strive to become better at their work and work extra hard to find recognition and appreciation.

Everybody ends up spending all their time and energy on work, thereby making it a lot stressful than it has to be. Improvement is never bad at any job, but what is at stake is more important than a promotion or better recognition.

It is usually health that is eventually compromised. Mentally exhausted and physically drained, people often yearn for breaks and thus take up alcohol consumption to ease their minds and bodies.

2. Problems/ Loss in relationships and families:

As much as responsibilities can take over and drain a person physically and mentally, families and relationships also play a massive part in maintaining a person’s overall well-being.

While many go through unnecessary pressure in terms of being the breadwinner of a family or not fulfilling the expectations laid out by a family, a loss of a loved one to death or conflict can raise a person’s need for numbness.

3. Peer pressure:

A smaller percentage of people often fall into addiction through this category; not by interest but by force. Even though the intention behind alcohol consumption might be to keep company with friends or co-workers, people might end up falling into a serious problem.

The pressure of not wanting to be the odd one out or the “uncool one” in a group is the primary cause of this addiction. The influence of specific cultures and media has made alcohol consumption “cool”.

A habit that started as a source of entertainment adds up and at some point, becomes a part of one’s life they cannot live without.

It becomes hazardous at this stage because people end up going to extreme levels to satisfy their addiction, paying less or no attention to their social life and responsibilities. One tends to lose oneself if this behavior continues.

Why Should This Be Recognised And Treated Immediately?

Overconsumption of alcohol or dependency on alcohol can lead to severe health conditions that affect a person’s physical and mental well-being.

Some of the physical problems that one can be diagnosed with are; liver damage, throat cancer, pancreatitis, lung infections, heart damage, stomach distress, frequent diarrhea, malnutrition, diabetes complications, and sexual dysfunction.

The mental issues caused by alcoholism that are often undiagnosed due to the lack of awareness are; hallucinations, blackouts, dependency, behavioral changes, slurred speech, etc., among many others.

Amidst all the physical and mental damages that alcohol can cause to the consumer, perhaps the most severe problem is that it disrupts healthy relationships.

Behavioral changes are a huge concern when the alcoholic does not remember or recognize the persona after alcohol intake. This can lead to the loss of trust, assurance, compatibility, and respect, which are the most critical pieces in the foundation of any relationship.

How To Seek Help?

At a particular stage, an addict ends up regretting falling into this overconsumption trap and tries to find ways to drop out of this life-threatening habit. Although it can seem hard initially, a good therapist can provide help with alcohol addiction treatment.

They can recognize when and why the person ends up requiring alcohol and how to overcome that urge step by step. Eventually, the person will attain complete recovery. A glass of wine over dinner, a few days a week, might not do any damage to one’s overall health.

Still, once it exceeds, one should be aware of the cumulative effects and dangers it poses on an individual and take necessary steps to control one’s life.

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