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N95 mask! When the outbreak of this pandemic starts, our only hope was health care professionals and the medical team. We want people at higher risk to get well soon after exposure to the virus. Health care staff who are clear and consistent in disclosing this deadly virus focus on administrative control. They want these individuals to wear breathing masks rather than other masks and first get respiratory masks because they need them the most.

A shortage of this mask is occurring due to the high demand for the N95 respirator mask.

Because of insufficient availability, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention plans a format for the use and supply of the N95 Mask in the health sector.

Corona Virus and Respiratory mask – N95

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported that people must wear a respiratory mask in a near infectious virus, suspected of having the virus, care provider, and everyone in close exposure.

Corona-virus is a virus that causes respiration. Aerosols infect it. So, to safeguard yourself from this infected virus, it is essential to cover your face with a mask and ensure good hygiene.

People agree to patients, students who go for the test, disinfectant cleaners who clean patients’ quarters, and laboratory staff who collect and process samples. And the prudent rules provided by the Center for Disease Control and Precaution should be followed by other people handling or in touch.

Healthcare professionals are trained for this corona-virus epidemic, which they will also test someday. Here are a few guidelines to help with this strategic planning about the cautious choice and use of the respirator.

Effects after Disinfecting the mask :

The N95 mask is not designed for reuse purposes. It is one time using a mask. Here are some things to consider before washing or cleaning your mask. The cleaning and washing reduce its effects for reuse.

Reduce its Effectiveness: Soap and Water

The simplest way to clean the mask is through soap and water. After so many tests, it shows that washing your mask with soap or any detergent reduces the mask’s filtration efficiency. And the primary function of the mask is its filtration power. If it will decrease, then the mask is no more beneficial for us. So, the N95 mask is not washable,
It reduces approximately 30% of its effect.

Using Alcohol :  

Alcohol is a better option than water for disinfection, but it also reduces its effect. Pouring in alcohol or spraying is still acceptable. But rubbing with alcohol reduces it’s all products make it useless. After alcohol wash, the N95 mask is for no use. It will not be able to protect you from any tiny microbes like bacteria and viruses. and even not from other respiratory infections.

It reduces approximately 60 % of its effect.

Dry Heat :

Dry heat can be a reliable way to disinfect the N95 mask. Sundry can kill almost all the organism. It is a natural decontamination process.

Drying kills the virus and makes it safe for reuse.

If your mask is contaminated with nasal fluid, blood, or any other respiratory fluid, you should decontaminate the mask immediately. It will transfer more infection. It is no more effective against viral infection.

How to Discard of used masks?

On a used mask, multiple germs can exist for more extended periods. It can live for a few hours to a few days when the virus is left exposed. My most significant request to all of you is not to throw the used mask indiscriminately into elevators, parks, workplaces, homes, free dust bins, as it can pose a possible health risk to people who come into contact with such masks.

Some people often pick them up for re-use and thereby put their lives at risk. The infected masks have respiratory secretions which can be distributed and transmitted through the air. So, be reactive. Please wash your hands before and after taking the mask off.

When you remove the mask, hold the edge of the straps attached to take the N95 mask off. Don’t hit the inner portion of the respirator. After that, clean your hands. Gently remove the mask to avoid disseminating chemicals on the mask. Place the mask in a pocket or a plastic zip-lock bag.

Conclusion :

The N95 masks & Kn95 Mask are perfect for every use. But the mask is not reusable. Disinfecting the mask with detergent and soaps can be more dangerous and reduce the effects also. There are exhalation valves in some designs that can make it easier to breathe out and help mitigate heat build-up. Recall that N95 respirators with exhalation valves should not be used when sterile conditions are needed.

Wearing a Fabric mask is easy, and it is washable and affordable. You can use a fabric mask if you do not have an N95 mask.

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