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Human’s Best Friend – Dogs    

Among all the domestic pets, dogs have been considered the most loyal and reliable animals to humans. They are considered to be very intelligent and they have the ability to endure long-distance running.

They’ve revealed to have an easy tendency to learn patterns and practice them accordingly, making them highly susceptible to easy training and efficiency in performance. Dog training is also easy as they have the capacity to learn various behaviors easier than most domesticated animals.

But there are so many dogs that are deprived of love and affection, unlike the adopted dogs. These stray or street dogs are the affected ones. The dog shelter is really important and it has to be made aware to everyone.

One might ask, why should I adopt a dog? There are numerous reasons for this question and there is n number of ways to do that.

Why should one adopt a stray dog and provide shelter to them?

1) it’s a win-win situation and you’ve got nothing to lose. But, you can give everything to the dog you’re about to adopt.

2) You’re providing a home to homeless dogs.

3) Dogs living on the roads can be very dangerous as there are vehicles always on the move.

4) You will be welcoming a new member to your family. This member of the family will never disappoint you and will always stay faithful to you.

5) If you adopt a dog you will be freeing up space from the dog shelter or kennel so that many others that are on the streets can be saved. This usually happens in shelters and private centers. When you adopt you may not only save one life but also so many others.

6) You will not be in a position in encouraging the sale of other animals. No life must be priced. There are too many breeders who are not as sincere as the others. By adopting, you will discourage them.

There are stories of breeders selling animals that have viruses in them and l this can be put to an end. Not all breeders carry these practices, this goes only for a few who do this.

7) You will be one among all the other supporters who are fighting against abandonment. Every year they say, approximately 6.5 million companion animals are entered into a shelter.

8) Dogs are very cute. The biophilia hypothesis by Keller and Wilson suggests human beings need to relate to other living things due to human beings’ highly social behavior.

9) They teach you new things and help you become more responsible. As you have to take care of them. They have to be treated like your own kids and must be protected at any cost.

10) Dogs keep your heart healthy. Dogs need an average of two to four walks a day, this translates to more physical activities which also has to be taken care of by you. Just like taking them for a walk, even you will walk along with them. This helps in maintaining the health of our hearts.

11) Dogs make people happy. When one relates and interacts with them, they’re being provided with endless benefits to your well being. Even, precipitating endorphin release.

12) They help people be more sociable and outgoing.

13) They improve your mental health. They never let you be alone and stay right by your side through everything.

14) As dogs expose you to certain bacteria which helps in boosting your immune system in low concentrations. Additionally, several studies have shown that children who have dogs experience fewer allergies in their adult life than children who don’t.

15) They improve the quality of life for people with autism and also more people are psychologically seeing the benefits of a dog with a stable, calm, and positive mind that can provide the autistic person a good time.

16) They are the best friends you can ever have. Each and every dog has its own character. They often follow you everywhere you go and make you feel really special. There’s no doubt that dogs are referred to as a man’s best friend. They live up to the statement and never ever disappoint in any way.

17) The love they give you is infinite. They love you all their lives and stay loyal as long as they live. They really are the best creation of God. Everyone must have a dog at their place.

Dogs are the best thing that can happen to anyone. They are sometimes even better than human beings. Never hurt a dog. Try to help them in any way possible.

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