Ten Habits That Highly Effective Learners Exhibit

Learners have to study to ace their exams while in school. They try not to pay for homework and do it by themselves. It never comes as a fluke, and therefore, students from across the world get urged to study hard. However, as college comes calling, the workload increases, and you can easily get overwhelmed if you stick to the mantra of studying hard. Here you have to cultivate an element of studying smart to become effective.

So how can you go about it? How can you become highly effective in your studies?

Habits that Characterize Highly Effective Learners

Students who top your class year in and year out can prove intellectually smart, though this always gets supplemented by adopting smart study methods. To improve your school’s academic performance, you should consider adopting some of the activities that brilliant students do. Below, some of the elements highly effective learners exhibit.

  • Avoid trying to fix every study material in a single session. Most successful students tend to space out their work. It involves doing different study sessions over shorter bursts of time, unlike fixing everything in a single session.
  • Plan your study periods. All successful students plan their specific study times. Learners then have to follow the planning with strict adherence to these schedules.
  • Ensure that you study at a similar time. It proves crucial to become consistent in your daily study tradition besides establishing the time of the study.
  • Ensure every study session has a specific objective or goal. It can prove futile to study without having any direction.
  • Avoid procrastinating. Once you have your study sessions planned, you have to avoid the temptation of putting it off regardless of its difficulty level or an absence of interest. Successful students stick to their routines and avoid procrastinating and consequently become effective.
  • Begin with more challenging subjects before moving on to simpler ones. Most of the time, complex topics require more effort, and therefore, it can prove wise to begin with these tasks before breezing through more straightforward tasks.
  • Review your course notes before you embark on an assignment. Successful students take excellent notes to give them something to review before embarking on their projects. You become more effective in understanding and reinforcing concepts learned earlier.
  • Ensure that you avoid getting distracted while studying. It proves crucial to maintain your concentration while studying. To avoid distractions in your study spot, eliminate distractions like the TV, family members, or sometimes, an eerie silence. It will help you concentrate and become effective in your studies.
  • Utilize study groups. You become more effective by combining resources, and this includes your brains, study materials, etc. A study group will ensure a better grasp of concepts because you can always help each other when someone struggles with a concept. You can also finish assignments quickly besides teaching each other.
  • Review your schoolwork, notes, and other materials on your weekend. Most successful students tend to review everything they have learned in the week on weekends. It helps prepare them to grasp fresh concepts when the new week starts.


If you want to succeed in your academics, it will prove wise to borrow a leaf from the tried and tested by adopting these successful habits from students who prove highly useful.

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