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How To Find Remote Job In The Pandemic

Remote job in Pandemic! Technology is in a constant state of flux. It’s acquiring new avenues and reaching new directions every day. However, the global response to the current pandemic has brought the essential functions of IT experts to the limelight. Many people would advise you to follow your passion, but it isn’t a piece of beneficial advice.

The first thing to do is target a specific industry; if you’re into IT, connecting with someone from retail won’t help. Make a Google doc and list the people from your target industry, so you don’t miss out on anyone to find a remote job in this pandemic. 

Know Yourself

Before you dive into the diverse IT sector, take a step back. Ask yourself, what kind of work would you enjoy doing? You may want to specialize in statistics and work with data sets and generate insights in a big city. Or you may want to take an anthropological approach and live in a village somewhere and analyze the industrial behaviors in this pandemic. However, the possibilities are endless. Know yourself first and then explore this field; else, you’ll be lost. Here’s a list of few questions that you may ask yourself before finding a job:

  • Where would you want to reside?
  • Do you like working in the office or on-site? 
  • Do you like qualitative or quantitative analysis?
  • Do you manage people well?
  • Does the private sector interests you?
  • Do you care about adequate compensation?

On the other hand, the most in-demand hard skills are artificial intelligence, UX/UI design, scientific computing, social media marketing, and cybersecurity. When combined with soft skills like encouragement, adaptability, and creativity, these hard skills can be strengthened and optimized to land you your dream job.

Take a Step Forward

It’s important to make an effort and reach out to others. You can try several icebreaking chats, questions, or even share something of similar interest. Keep in mind that the person can’t see you, and they’ll only make a judgment based on your profile and how you converse via chats and calls. Maintain a professional tone throughout.

Many people often make the first move and engage with all their connections and then suddenly stop. It’s important always to follow up if necessary. If they’ve recently accomplished something, don’t be afraid to congratulate them for it. Interacting isn’t only about finding a job; it’s about creating professional relationships that might help you progress in your career specifically in the current pandemic.

Establish Networks

Don’t just reach out to the senior professionals. Don’t email the CEO of an organization with your resume and cover letter. Instead, look for people who are doing similar work in different organizations. Connect with them through a short note. The best way to go about it would be to read a little about them and their work and sending them an insightful comment or question to begin a conversation.

After reaching out, maintain an excellent professional conversation and let them know that you’re in the job market seeking potential opportunities.  Remember, don’t ask again and again – give them time to respond. They’re probably very busy managing the pandemic. The point is to establish good relations with them and get to know them on a first-name basis before asking them for a job.

Core Tip to Finding the Right Job for You

According to research, humans are bad at predicting how we’ll feel about doing something in the future. But to be fair, how are you supposed to know if you’ll love marketing or being an IT expert until you trying? When you’re faced with choosing the right job, follow these steps below to figure out. 

Shortlist What You’re Looking For

Your job search ideally should start by knowing what features of the job role attract you. Reflect on your previous experiences and shortlist the must-have features of the job you want in your career. It can be training and development, flexible work hours, holidays, etc. Make a list of what things you didn’t have in your previous job and want in your next job. Once you have these lists, you’ll be better able to find the perfect job for yourself.

Consider your Skills

The job market is rapidly evolving. Having relevant skills is a deciding factor if you’ll get the job or not. Research what are the trending skills in your field of work and learn them. Similarly, competencies also play a huge role in helping you land the job. Volunteering and interning in different places can help you develop leadership and collaborative skills. They may make you an excellent public speaker and presenter too. Employers value skills developed outside formal training. 

Assess the Marketplace

Effective job search involves understanding the demand for skills and experience in the market. Speaking with people in the field can enable you to gain actionable insight into the job market conditions. It can help you develop the best skill set with an appropriate amount of work experience for you to apply. 

Don’t Forget to Interact

Meet people with relevant industry professionals and being part of online groups can help you land a perfect job for you. Often jobs are filled through word of mouth and referrals. Therefore, strengthen your network and make sure people know who you are. Even if you’re busy with your present job, don’t lag behind your job search. Look through newspapers, online forums such as LinkedIn, and ask around. Leave no stone unturned. This way, you’ll be on top of their mind – if an opportunity arises.

Current Shifting Tech Trends

With the Coronavirus outbreak hitting us hard, the IT industry has seen unprecedented growth in its demand and creation of employment opportunities. One of the prime examples of evolving technology is the rise in the use of cyber technology. A business is hacked every 20 seconds. Firms are not prepared for this risk and can lose important customer data. Therefore, they need to understand the gravity of the situation and employ people who own security certification or have completed cybersecurity bootcamp to provide relevant services.  

Working remotely has made a lot of companies receptive to cloud technology creating a significant demand for IT support specialists. Apart from that, many businesses are investing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis. They aren’t just buzzwords. They’ve become high-demand jobs.

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