Should Recruiters Use Literacy And Numeracy Skills Tests?

Literacy and numeracy tests are among the most popular skills tests administered during the recruitment process. Recruiters are increasingly adopting pre-employment skills testing as a necessary part of the hiring process. Such tests help recruiters provide tangible proof to hiring managers that the candidates are qualified and skilled.

The ability to read, write and do basic math are among the most fundamental skills for job seekers. Recruitment agencies use skills testing software to ensure their candidates are at the skill level they’re required to be for the job.

Literacy skills tests

When a candidate’s literacy skills are assessed, recruiters start by noting the basic spelling, grammar and comprehension skills. The difficulty level of the assessment can advance according to the skill level needed for the role. Intermediate and Advanced test levels will require candidates to write synonyms or spell out words slightly more difficult at each level.

Applicants are also tested on their verbal reasoning skills. They are expected to display logic and comprehension to interpret the information provided. The software also measures the time taken to answer each question as well as the attention to detail. Literacy tests also include geographical literacy, legal literacy, and medical literacy skills.

Numeracy skills tests

Recruiters evaluate a candidate’s numeracy skills by testing them on basic mathematical skills such as arithmetic and fractions. If numeracy is a core requirement then recruiters dispense further assessments befitting the position. Money and data handling skills are also measured via the skills testing software. Along with the ability to answer the questions, candidates are tested on the speed with which they answer.

Questions can be multiple choice or applicants can also be required to read questions and type into answer boxes.

Why is skills testing candidates important?

An increasing number of recruitment agencies are incorporating skills testing as a standard recruitment practice. Literacy and numeracy are considered to be among the most essential skills for any jobseeker. Pre-employment tests help recruiters analyze where each candidate stands in the hiring process.

It also helps filter quality candidates, especially during the present circumstances where the job market is flooded with job seekers. Recruiters also understand that skill exaggeration is a possibility in many cases. Assessing a candidate before presenting them to the hiring company helps confirm their skill level.

How viable are these assessments?

The tests can be conducted online which is a huge advantage for both recruiters and candidates. Many industries use online skills testing. It is especially useful for mass hires. Companies utilize online skill assessments to evaluate a large number of candidates for similar positions at one time. The software enables recruiters to send a test link to multiple candidates at once which saves them a lot of time and effort.

Many skills testing software suppliers also offer a practice test first. So candidates can prepare for both literacy and numeracy tests by sampling the practice questions. It provides an understanding of how the tests are structured and what is expected during the tests.

The online tests last anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes. Hence, candidates do not need to put aside a big chunk of their day. Results are also quickly available. Most good skills testing software suppliers provide a detailed overview instead of a simple pass mark. The benefit is it helps recruiters decide on their pass mark and understand where a candidate stands among all the others.

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