A Beginner’s Guide To Employee Recognition In 2021


Employee Recognition! If you are a business owner and have employees working for you, you need to consider them as your actionable assets that earn for your company. Hence, it is your duty and responsibility to keep them healthy, both mentally and physically.

The best way to keep your employees mentally healthy is by giving them recognition for their hard work. This action of employers can help the employees feel a sense of belonging and drive them to perform.

What Is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition is all about appreciating an employee’s existence in the organization and awarding them for the hard work they put in for the organization.

One of the biggest mistakes HR and leaders make is that they confuse rewarding the employees with incentives/glass awards and recognizing them. Recognition does not mean rewards. It is just an open acknowledgment and expressing appreciation. That’s it.

Why Is Employee Recognition Important?

In a study, it has been seen that employee recognition is one of the major factors why employees leave the organizations. This report states that 69% of the employees would work harder if they feel that they are being appreciated for their hard work.

We have seen that most companies fail to recruit latent individuals for the organization. However, that is not the case. They fail to recognize them. Even if a talented individual becomes a part of the organization due to a lack of employee recognition, they simply leave the job.

Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas

Recognition and appreciation will depend on the organization and what they work for. However, the main concept remains the same. Here are some of the following ideas that you might consider while recognizing your employees.

  • Public Recognition: Appreciating your employees in front of the other employees is the best way to give your best employees a confidence boost. This also encourages other employees to their best.
  • Private Recognition: Private employees are not that impactful. However, this kind of recognition mostly happens on the executive level, where you can talk with the manager and appreciate their good work.
  • Bonus: Bonuses work the best for the employees at the lower chain of the hierarchy. These bonuses motivate employees to work hard.

How To Build A Successful Employee Recognition Program?

If you are serious about employee recognition, then youtube has certainly made the right decision. Employee recognition will help your organization to cover some extra miles.

Here are the employees’ best practices

1. Define Your Vision

You first define the motive of your employees’ recognition programs. Ask yourself:

  • Whether you want to see a boost in productivity?
  • Whether you want to see a boost in employee engagements?
  • Whether you want to build a better workplace culture?

Once you know what you want to get from the program, look for viable options to reach your goals. It is also important that you consider the cost estimation as well.

2. Build A Competent Team

Now that you know what you want from the program. Your next step should be to create a team that can help you make this program a reality. Appoint people who are responsible for implementation, managing, and establishing the program.

When you are building your team, look for the following characteristics.

  • Good Knowledge of the program.
  • Positioned as Team Leader.
  • Should have the interest to go with your plan.
  • Believe in company values.

3. Understand The Characteristics Of Recognition

Now that you are prepared to make this event a successful employee recognition program, it is time to draw out the program’s characteristics.

  • Timely
  • Frequent
  • Specifics
  • Value-based.

4. Measure Program Effectiveness

Employee recognition can affect several areas of the organization. It might influence the work’s productivity, stimulate a boost in ROI, or increase brand value. No matter what, you must measure the effectiveness of the program.

Use the data from the employee recognition program. Research every employee that might have left out of the program and collaborate with them if needed.

Take Away

Recognizing your employee is a sign of respect that shows you respect your employees and the hard work they put into your organization. Hence, if you want to be a successful businessman, start recognizing your employees.

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