How To Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is a potentially life-threatening illness. It also has an extraordinarily high prevalence across the globe. Indian men are not exempt from the increasing incidence of prostate cancer. However, the lesser-known fact is that this cancer can be prevented. In this article, Dr. Shalabh Agrawal, the best doctor for prostate cancer in Gurgaon, talks about effective ways to prevent this ailment. 

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Tips to prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer prevention is most integrated into a person’s way of living. Your lifestyle choices make a great impact on your likelihood of developing fatal health conditions such as cancer. 

Here are some evidence-backed and practical prevention measures for prostate cancer:

Eat a low-fat diet: Men who eat meals rich in fat content have an increased risk of developing cancerous cells in the prostate. You should choose food products that have low-fat value. Some examples of low-fat foods include whole-grain cereals, lean meat, lentils, and fruits. 

Eat more red foods: Studies show that lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, can help reduce your risk of prostate cancer remarkably. Red foods such as tomatoes and watermelon are good sources of lycopene. 

Choose soybeans: Another nutrient called isoflavones has been associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer. This nutrient is found in specific food products such as soybeans, lentils, sprouts, peanuts and chickpeas. 

More fruits and vegetables: It is a given fact that fruits and vegetables have enormous nutrients. A sufficient intake of all vitamins and minerals can effectively reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Most of the fruits have good for your health. Similarly, vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables) have an excellent nutrient quantity. 

Get regular screening: Most cancer can be completely treated if they are detected at a right time. The same applies to prostate cancer. You can reduce your risk of developing an advanced stage of prostate cancer by going for regular screenings and tests. You should talk to your doctor about your risk and schedule routine tests. 

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Fewer dairy products: Several studies have indicated that you have a higher chance of prostate cancer, your risk significantly increases with more dairy consumption. If you are associated with any of the risk factors of prostate cancer, you should limit your intake. If you are highly fond of dairy, you should choose the particularly low-fat ones. 

Healthy body weight: Obesity is a common risk factor for several ailments. It also impacts the growth of cancerous cells in your body. You should aim to maintain a healthy body weight. You should ask your doctor about your suitable body mass index (BMI) and achieve that to prevent prostate cancer. You should make sure to exercise most days of the week to have a healthy weight and keep ailments at a distance. 

Drink more coffee: If you are predisposed to developing prostate cancer, you should consider drinking more coffee. Your prostate cancer risk reduces with more cups of coffee. Studies have indicated a dose-response type of relationship between coffee and prostate cancer. However, more caffeine in your body can lead to several other health conditions. You should talk to your doctor about the recommended cups of coffee you should take. 

Dr. Shalabh Agrawal, the best doctor for prostate cancer in Gurgaon can assist in planning a personalized diet plan for you to reduce your risk of cancer. 

You can consult Dr. Shalabh Agrawal at the CK Birla Hospital, the best hospital for prostate cancer treatment in Gurgaon. 

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