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What Is PPC And The Role Of Pay Per Click In Digital Marketing

What is PPC?

The term PPC stands for pay per click. It literally means the amount you need to incur for receiving a single click. Suppose you have spent $ 500 and have received 50 clicks, then your Pay Per Click is $ 10. Choosing keywords, setting budgets, creating campaigns, and bidding for these keywords is easier said than done. Although there are various resources available on the internet which educate users about running PPC ads, it is highly recommended that one uses a reliable PPC company to execute PPC ads effectively.

Marketers can run various types of PPC ads, however, the most popular form of PPC ads are search ads. These ads are visible whenever a user searches for a key phrase on a search engine like Google.

These PPC search ads can be run on search engines by using an online ad management platform. For example, in the case of Google, one can create an account with Google Adwords and initiate PPC  ads.

The advertiser will have to bid for keywords using this platform. The advertiser (the one who is running the PPC ad) is charged by the search engine (such as Google) only when the ad is clicked and therefore such ads are called Pay Per Click Ads.

For example: if one searches for the word “blue colored men formal shoes” on Google, the first few search results on the first page are likely to be PPC search ads which are run by leading marketplaces such as Amazon or any other seller who is advertising their online store.

Role of PPC in digital marketing:

1. Helps in achieving business goals

When you are involved in any business, you do have your business goals. The most efficient way of achieving these goals is by adapting to the PPC techniques. With this paid technique, you will likely meet your financial and marketing goals that involve popularizing your business amongst your target audience. This is something a PPC company will help you to achieve without any immense effort.

2. Raises brand awareness

When you want to let others know about your brand, you need to raise brand awareness amongst the end-users. With your advertisement out on display, more and more users will have a clear view of it, and if the ad looks attractive to them or appeals to them, they click the ad, which takes them to your business. And this can be achieved by spending only a few cents. So, yes, an SEO company in India can effectively create brand awareness amongst the targeted audience.

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3. Improves customer-business trust and credibility

When you want to improve the customer-business credibility, you need to provide them with something which can lure them towards your business. This can be easily done using PPC techniques. With your ads posted on trusted search engines or other websites, your customers get a reason to believe you. This, further, will help you gain their trust for a long term association.

4, It is scalable and trackable

One of the main reasons to use the PPC technique for promoting your business is the ability of a PPC company to track the data and generate reports. This will help you keep track of your business growth by determining a graphical chart using the data earned from the PPC technique.

5. PPC can be controlled by the business owner:

You will be able to control the entire PPC concept associated with your business. For example, you can decide the section of the audience you wish to target, the amount of money you can spend, the places you want the advertisements to be displayed, etc. With such independence, you will be able to optimize your PPC campaign with an experienced SEO company in India.


PPC can be effective if done appropriately. You will need professional help to design a creative advertisement and include only those elements that intrigue the audience, thereby compelling them to visit your business and try the services.

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