How To Choose A Tennis Racket For Women Tennis Players?

Generally, as a tennis player, you must consider before getting some tennis racquets. But when a woman or a female tennis player needs a tennis racket then you have to carefully look at the racket’s features & Specifications to find the best tennis rackets for women tennis players. 

And here  These parameters will help you make the right choice of the Best women’s tennis racket. These include:


The total weight of a racket must be considered if it is suitable for you before proceeding with the purchase. The total weight of a racket includes the weight distribution of the racket as well as the racket head.

A racket head is stronger if its weight distribution is higher. Thus, rackets with high weight distribution are suitable for players who enjoy short swings. You only need to apply a little bit of energy while playing this lightweight racket. Also, as a result of its features, it is ideal for beginner and inexperienced tennis players.

The heavyweight racket on the other hand carries a heavy racket head. These racquets are difficult to operate, thus, the control of the racquets is solely by the player. It’s also hard to play because it can cause pain and injury to your hands, arms, and wrists if you’re not experienced enough. It is therefore a perfect choice for advanced tennis players.


This must be considered before buying the materials used to build the tennis racket. This is because the type of material used for a racket plays an important role in ensuring smooth and ideal gaming time. Rackets made from aluminum are the cheapest and they come in medium quality which is suitable for beginner players.

High-quality racquets are made from Kevlar, boron, and carbon fiber. Although they are expensive, their ability to enhance your gameplay and performance on the court makes them worthwhile. They are best suited for professional tennis game players, as it helps them perform better when facing opponents on the court.

Head Size:

The size of the head of a racket is a necessary factor to consider before getting it because using a racket with the right head size can significantly improve your overall performance.

The size of the head of a racket means the hit region of the racket, it is the string and the frame. The head size of the racket differs from each other, so you must look for a racket with the head size that meets your needs and satisfies you. The size of the racket head ranges from 85 to 135 square inches.

Head-sized rackets above 105 square inches are termed as large-sized rackets. This type of racket provides more power without the need for much effort in rocking the racket. The extra energy from this racket makes it suitable for early players.

Also, the use of oversized rackets helps them to enjoy the game early on as well as improve their gameplay quickly. Rackets with heads up to 95-105 square inches are termed as mid plus racquets. It provides a combination of power and control, thus giving a great performance.

Head-sized rackets below 95 square inches are known as medium-sized rackets. These rackets provide more control than power; Therefore, they are suitable for professional tennis players.


For great performance, it is necessary to buy a racket with the appropriate length. Typically, racquets range in length from 27 to 28 inches; Although some rackets are longer than the standard racket length. Long-range racquets are perfect for players who want strong shots while playing on the court.

The standard length of a racquet is 27 inches, and it is also ideal for beginners and other levels of players. Rackets with standard lengths are easy to maneuver. However, rackets with a maximum length of 29 inches are suitable for experienced and advanced tennis players. This is because it is difficult to operate and results in higher loads.

Grip size:  

The grip size refers to the size of the handle of a racket. It is also important to consider when buying a racquet because it determines the comfort you get from playing the racquet on the court. Small grip size rackets are very tight. Thus, players may feel muscle strain when using such a racket to play. If the racket is used to play for a long time, it can eventually lead to injury.

On the other hand, large grip-sized racquets are thrown into discomfort while playing. This means that the player may feel the racquet slip out of his hand while playing. Thus, the player can be prevented from noticing the correct shot. Therefore it is essential that you choose a medium gripped tennis racket, it is not too tight and not too loose.

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