Factors To Check When Buying Guaranteed Life Insurance With No Waiting Period

If you are in a poor health condition, overly aged, or cannot qualify for traditional life insurance, guaranteed life insurance with no waiting period is the perfect option for you. The insurance providers mostly advertise it for people over 50 because there is a restriction on the coverage amount. Moreover, this insurance policy can be slightly costly than other no medical exam life insurance policies.

How is a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy Different from Other Life Insurance Policies?

Most of the life insurance policies need some medical underwriting. Medical underwriting makes use of the results of blood tests, exams, pharmacy history, and more to examine your health status.

An underwriter experienced in health conditions and interpreting results will build a determination to approve or decline your insurance application. The underwriter also allocates a rating class that decides how much premium you will pay for the insurance.

Medical underwriting enables you to pay premiums that are suitable for your health status. Here, healthy, and fit people typically pay less than unhealthy people.

Similarly, guaranteed issue policies do not offer you the same level of underwriting information. As a result, the price for a guaranteed life insurance policy can be higher than a medically underwritten policy. The different pricing is the compromise for removing the medical exams and tests.

Most life insurance policies can be for the sums of insurance of one million dollars or more. However, guaranteed life insurance policies restrict the amount of insurance to $50,000 or maybe $100,000.

What Do You Mean by Guaranteed Issue Waiting Period?

Guaranteed issue life insurance characteristically available with a “graded death benefit”, which is often known as a waiting period. This period can span the first few years of your policy. In general, if you die of natural reasons within this time frame, you do not get the benefit.

Your beneficiaries will get only a portion of what you have already paid for the policy.  But here is the loophole: in case you die of accidental causes during the waiting period, such as a car accident, you get the benefit in full.

However, once the waiting period comes to an end, you will benefit regardless of the cause of death. In short, during the waiting period, you are covered for only a few causes of death and, relying on your policy, the prices associated with chronic or terminal illnesses. You can call these perks as “living benefits.”

Do the Premiums Stay the Same for the Length of the Policy?

The guaranteed life insurance policy you choose should have premiums that stay the same for the policy’s length. But, if you fail to pay your premiums, it may result in cancellation, increases in the rate, or alterations to your policy.

You Get the Guaranteed Life insurance Immediately.

The guaranteed life insurance policy you choose should pay out the full death benefit from the first day that you purchase the policy. Your beneficiary should be in a position to get the death benefit even if you have just made the first payment on your insurance policy.

Once you choose the right guaranteed insurance policy with no waiting period, you will experience the following benefits:

Immediate coverage

Guaranteed death benefit

Lifetime coverage

Premiums will never increase

The policy is active as long as you pay the premium payments

How Can You Get a Life Insurance Policy with No Waiting Period?

For guaranteed life insurance policies with no waiting period, apply with an insurance service,  and answer a couple of health questions on the application. You will not require to go through a medical exam, but you need to answer your health questions.  And you cannot answer wrongly because that is unlawful.

Remember, if you have got suitable guaranteed life insurance with no waiting period option, where the providers do not ask you about a health issue, it means it is not necessary, and they are okay with it.

The perfect way to get a suitable no waiting period policy is to find an insurance company that does not ask about your health issues. In case they don’t ask about your specific health issue, it means they have no waiting period for you.

Finding the Right Policies with No Waiting Period

One of the best ways to find guaranteed life insurance with no waiting period is to work with an independent insurance policy broker. He may tell you about the companies that will offer your life insurance with no waiting period.

To sum up, once you buy suitable guaranteed life insurance with no waiting period, you help protect your loved ones from the burden of pricey final expenses. It will be a financial safety net that you will have, as long as you pay the premiums. And as your premiums are never going to go up, your payments will always be steady.

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