5 Trending Toddler Boys And Toddler Girls Winter Styles

Toddler Styles! It is that time of the year again when both your hands and feet are freezing cold. If you are finding the weather uncomfortable, how much more for your toddler? The winter season can be unforgiving, but it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. You just have to have the right kind of clothes, the same goes for your kid.

However, the functionality should go along with fashion. While awful fashion hasn’t killed anyone, it helps to have your toddler looking trendy. If you are going to buy your child winter clothes, get your money’s worth by choosing only the best-looking winter styles. Have no idea what they are? Then take a look at this list.

1. Cute Slipper Socks

The air can be very cold during the winter season, but it’s not going to beat the temperature of the ground. As a result, you don’t want your toddler to be barefooted even inside your home. While shoes can do the job, they are not the best choice. They can cause too much discomfort on a toddler and you surely don’t want a kid climbing and bouncing on top of your furniture with their dirty shoes.

What does the Little Fenix kids store suggest? Go with cute slipper socks. They are just like your average socks, only that they are much more stylish since they are intended to be worn bare. Also, the soles are reinforced with a different material to have more traction, preventing a child from slipping and sliding.

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2. Knitwear and Quilted Fabrics

If you are looking for your toddler’s next winter jacket our outfit, always opt for either knitwear or quilted fabrics. Not only do they provide the most warmth in this freezing temperature, but they are also the most comfortable and stylish. In the Little Fenix kids store, they provide a wide array of options to choose from so that you can outfit your kid the way you want them to look.

3. Knitted Beanies

Keeping a toddler’s head warm is as important as the rest of its body. A good beanie is going to do the job, but why settle there when you can always opt for something great?

A great beanie should be knitted. The material provides the most warmth by keeping the cold out and isolating the body heat where it should be. It does this complex process with utmost comfort so as not to keep your toddler from scratching its head. Not to mention a knitted beanie looks cute, fitting for a small person. Knitted Personalized Beanies are too much in fashion and can be used as a statement piece during winters. They are a fantastic option to protect your kids on those windy winter days and add a pop of color to their outfits.

4. Neck Warmer

Neck warmers are not just functional but are also fashionable. Putting one on a toddler makes it seem that they are bound to get on their feet and walk on the runway. There is always something about covering the neck that makes it look matured and fashionable.

Your other choice would be a scarf, but for the active and easily irritable toddler, that may not stay on them for too long. A neck warmer guarantees to stay in place and by choosing the right material like fleece, it can provide satisfying comfort that a toddler will always want to have.

5. Dress in Layers

In today’s winter season, simplicity isn’t a word you will commonly find. The more clothes you are wearing, the better. Wear a shirt underneath, followed by a jacket and an overcoat. Regardless of your choice, wearing layers is a growing trend and the same concept applies to your toddler.

Mixing and matching the right outfits can make the most aesthetic appeal. While your kid has no clue what they are wearing, your neighbors and relatives are surely going to recognize how stylish your toddler is.

This winter season, make sure that you are not just warm but stylish as well. If you can do that for yourself, why skip on your toddler? You can match your outfit to theirs. Instead of just keeping warm during the coldest time of the year, have fun with it. Make the most out of the opportunity by expressing yourself with fashion.

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