5 Types Of Mobile Phone Cases To Protect Your Samsung A70

Are you looking for the best mobile phone cases to protect your Samsung A70 from wear and tear? Then, this guide is for you.

Over the years, we have tried various types of smartphone covers and cases. From tough cases to credit card sleeves, there are numerous cases trending today.

Changing expensive phones to impress your friends may become futile. People will think that you are indecisive and won’t be impressed. But it is sensible to change your cover to give your smartphone a cool, chic look. Be the envy of your friends by enhancing your phone case collection by adding motivational or superhero-themed cases.

You would have an excellent mobile with fantastic features, but it would look normal like the rest if you don’t add any aesthetically appealing case to it. Revamp your smartphone by choosing among the following that is economical and a reliable way to make your phone look good without investing in another phone.

Phone cases also make an excellent gift for kids or teenagers who will accept them happily. Even grownups will love these phone covers if you know their choices. For instance, if your sister loves a Hello Kitty case, you can get her one as her a Samsung A70 cover.

Note that any gaudy knock-off design won’t look classy. Check out the varieties and decide which case is the right for your smartphone.

1. Rugged mobile phone cases

One of the best protective cases out there, they come with reinforced corners and air pockets. They reduce any mishap and prevent your phone from scratches, drops, and falls. It also provides a good grip that is definitely a boon when it comes to safety. It stays put in your pocket and does not slide in and out of your pocket easily.

What makes it unique is offers complete protection without being bulky. With such a fantastic mobile phone case, your phone will look sleek, updated, and invincible. Such heavy-duty phones can protect your phone from heavy rains, extreme cold, high temperatures, humid climates, dust and sand exposure, shocks, etc. If you are an outdoor person, such sturdy covers are best for you.

2. Tough cases

Tough cases are compact but offer a fantastic level of protection. One of the best combinations is the blend of polycarbonate outer shell with a silicone layer inside that cushions any impact. Though it can be a bit bulky, it looks really stylish with an anti-slip feature. They allow access to all ports and slots and can resist any inadvertent drops.

3. Basic slim cases

If you are sure that you can handle your phone carefully, then you can opt for style while lowering the protection. This is where slim cases come in. They enhance the chances of surviving a fall (though not fully guaranteed), but they indeed protect your phone from scratches. These transparent mobile phone cases display your phone’s outstanding design and are available at an economical price.

Made using TPU, they are flexible and exceptionally durable. They easily fit on your phone and can resist a good amount of impact. They are available in different colors and styles.

4. Flip cases

Also known as Folio cases, your Samsung A70 cover can be quite pocket-friendly apart from looking stylish. They offer a good deal of protection. However, some mobile phone cases don’t come with complete coverage around the corners and sides. Though leather is the best material that comes with a high price, other alternatives such as polyurethane (also known as vegan leather) can protect your phone from any mishaps.

Flip cases also support the sleep-wake cycle. When you open the phone, it will wake up and shut the phone to sleep when you flip the cover. Flip cases are available in different varieties such as stud, tab, magnetic and elastic closures.

5. Armband cases

Smartphones are obviously big and can, at times, be frustrating to hold them in your hands. In such cases, an armband case is a good option. They are usually used while working out, jogging, or any other activity.


So, there you go – the top 5 mobile phone cases for your Samsung A70. As we always advise, research well, check reviews, budget, specs such as material, compatibility, and then buy your Samsung A70 cover.

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