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How To Become A Professional Welder

Professional Welder! Welding may be your ideal career if you love working with hands to repair and build certain items and structures. It involves using intricate tools and flames, so you need to do a lot of practice and get the proper training to be successful in this field.

After you have obtained the right training and experience, you can continue advancing the skill set to grow your career and work on larger projects. A welder has to follow specific responsibilities to ensure his or her safety and that of other people. That being said, how do you become a professional welder?

Identify The Various Kinds of Welding Jobs

Understanding the various types of welding jobs helps you decide which ones you can pursue. It also enables you to learn what responsibilities are required to accomplish various tasks. For instance, if you wanted to build something similar to Advantage Industries metal stairs, you would want to learn that process to ensure that your staircases turned out similar.

Also, depending on your strengths and abilities, you are able to choose a particular welding career and obtain the right training and certifications. You may decide to do arc welding, MIG welding, hyperbaric welding, or TIG welding.

Take a Welding Course

Once you have selected the kind of welding career you want, you should look at the education requirements needed for that specialty. A majority of welding careers will require you to have a high school diploma or General Education Development.

If there are welding courses available in your high school, you may want to take them so that you learn more about welding. You can also take others like math that complement your welding course. A good example, if geometry as it can help you a lot in your welding career.

Get welding certificate

Once you’ve had your high school education, pursue further education to obtain a certification in welding. Enroll in welding certificate programs – these last for about six months to two years. A welding certificate program will allow you to build your knowledge of welding responsibilities and duties. Based on your specialty, you may choose to further your education and obtain a degree in welding.

Seek experience

With your accreditation, you can now begin working as a welder. It will help you build experience in the field. Start with apprenticeship programs for the type of welding you are pursuing. These programs allow you to complete supervised work and learn about the responsibilities and the regular schedule of a welder. After completing the apprenticeship, you may choose to stay with that company you’ve been serving or seek a full-time job in another company.

Become a certified welder

Before working full time, you should be certified to accomplish the type of welding you want to do. Depending on your skillset and your welding career aspirations, there are various certifications you can get. Most employers will require the necessary AWS Certified Welder certification. You need to complete an exam to get this certification. The certificate is offered in various AWS accredited testing facilities. The test comprises a written session and an exam of your welding skill as well as performance.

After you have obtained your education, training, and experience, it’s crucial that you search for a welding job. You can find welding jobs only that match your skills and experience. Ensure you highlight these skills as well as experience in your resume.

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