How To Get Rid Of A Mouse In A Bedroom

The is no worse scenario that being woken up by a mouse inside your room. Past the initial shock one may either have the stamina to move the bedroom around to catch it or may choose to retreat to a different room to spend the night.

How long can mice live in a bedroom?

I a residential context, a mouse is meant to live to reach 1 year of age. When the environment is particularly favourable and safe for them, they can then reach 2 years. That nit of information actually translates through the size of the mouse droppings being much larger.

But otherwise, mice cannot really live in a bedroom for long as there is most likely not enough food to sustain them. What you have to assume is that mice went to your bedroom to investigate it for possible stuff to use/eat but without the intent to actually stay. If a mouse would actually be trapped in there, I would imagine that he would possibly survive less than a week without food.

That House mouse did not appear from thin air so whatever we do, will need to involve looking into how that mouse got in there to start with. The good thing about bedrooms is that they are basically 1 large box with possibly 2 or 3 openings, the door, 1 or 2 windows.

So assuming that we close the door and the window(s), what gaps large enough are there that would allow mice in. If there is none, the answer is obviously that they got in while the door was open. From there since there are mice in your home, you would want to do two things. First I would want to keep the door of my bedroom close at all times. Second I would want to have some mice pest control inside my home.

So the dilemma is down to leaving the door open, in the hope that any mouse trapped inside the bedroom would find its way back to where it came from.

How to catch a mouse inside a bedroom

This is something that I was faced on multiple occasions. It may be hard to believe, but mice are more afraid of you than you may ever be of them. Mice will run toward safety. So in the first place, you would want to be very gentle as you move furniture. As you do so, you may see a mouse that is crouching tightly against the wall, too terrified to make a move.

You would gently move further away from the furniture and clear the area. You would have ready a box or large container, and a small towel. From there, it becomes a circus act. Through the towel gently over the mouse, and cover it very quickly with the box. Then slide underneath a thin panel never lifting up the container of the floor more than half a centimetres so the mice do not escape.

So basically, you would only need to lift up the board holding the container and go the garden and release it far away at least 30 metres away from your home.

But the chance is that the mice will actually run from under your bed to behind the wardrobes. If so, open the door of your bedroom, lift up your bed, and try to make it run towards the door and in a different area of the house. Some clients sometimes end up cornering it inside the bedroom and killing it with a broom. Pest control in London is not always for the faint-hearted.

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