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7 Tips On MacBook Maintenance For New Users

MacBook! Have you heard that Macs are safer than Windows computers? Unfortunately, Macs can be just as vulnerable to security breaches and other issues.

Luckily, MacBook maintenance can reduce the risk of your computer having problems. You can still use your favorite laptop for many years, despite any issues that may occur.

Keep reading to learn some essential MacBook maintenance tips.

1. Backup Your Mac

One of the most important steps to take for MacBook maintenance is to back up your computer. Every month or so, go through your MacBook and review all of your files and programs.

Get rid of the items you no longer use or need. You can put items in the trash, or you can store them in the cloud if you may need them in the future.

Then, you can back up your computer to your iCloud account. If something happens to your computer, you can get your important files and programs back without having to start from scratch.

Backing up your computer shouldn’t take long. But it’s an easy option, and it can help you prepare for the next step in your MacBook maintenance routine.

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2. Update Regularly

Whenever Apple comes out with a new Mac OS version, update to it. You can back up your computer first in case something goes wrong but updating is usually safe.

Having the latest operating system can protect you from common cyber threats. Old versions may not have the latest cybersecurity tools, so you could leave yourself vulnerable to attacks if you don’t update your computer.

You don’t have to update as soon as a new version comes out. However, you also don’t want to wait too long to make the change.

If you want to protect your files and computer, updating is a free and easy option. You don’t need a ton of time or technical experience since Apple makes it easy for you to update.

3. Protect the Battery

Battery care should be another part of regular MacBook maintenance. You should keep your battery safe so that it can power your MacBook well and for a long time.

Avoid always charging and discharging your battery completely. When you do that too much, you could shorten your battery’s lifespan. Instead, try not to let the battery go below 20 percent, then you can charge it.

If you find your MacBook Pro not charging while it’s on the charger, you may need a new battery. That can happen if you overwork your battery or if it has gone through all of its available charge cycles.

You should also keep your computer away from extreme temperatures. Keep your MacBook inside and only use it outdoors if necessary.

4. Stick to Hard Surfaces

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Netflix in bed, you’re not alone. Sometimes, you want to relax and enjoy your favorite movie or show while under your covers.

But try not to put your MacBook on soft surfaces too much. Blankets and beds can restrict the airflow to and from your computer, and that can cause it to get too hot.

When that happens, you can use up a lot of power, and your computer will feel uncomfortable on your lap. If you can, put your computer on hard surfaces that won’t conform to the computer’s shape.

You can use a lap desk to use your computer in bed, or you can sit at a table or desk. That way, your computer can run smoothly, and you won’t have to do as much intense MacBook maintenance.

5. Dust the Computer

When it comes to MacBook maintenance, you should also take care of the outside of it. You can use some MacBook cleaning tools or regular household items to dust your laptop.

Be sure you wipe down the screen to get rid of any dust that may get stuck on there. You can also use a wipe or cloth to clean the keys. And if you have a lot of dust between the keys, you can use pressurized air to blow out any small particles.

Cleaning the computer is especially useful if you share it with someone. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting each other sick.

However, a clean computer is still great if you don’t share it. You can use your laptop, and you can keep dust and oil from accumulating as you use it.

6. Consider Using a Case

If you have a small MacBook maintenance budget, consider getting a laptop case. You can get a case that attaches to your computer that you can use all of the time.

Another option is a laptop sleeve where you can store your laptop between uses. If you travel a lot with your computer, it can be easy for it to move around in your bag.

A case or sleeve can protect your MacBook from other things in your bag. Even if you don’t have a ton of stuff to carry, a case or sleeve will keep your MacBook in place.

7. Run First Aid

The First Aid option on your MacBook is a great tool if your computer crashes often. It lets you check for issues with your computer, and you can fix the issues right there.

You can also run First Aid as a preventative measure to help keep your MacBook working well. Here are the steps to run First Aid:

  • Go to Applications, then Utilities
  • Select the volumes on your Mac that you want to use with First Aid
  • Click First Aid on the top of the screen
  • Select Run to start verifying and repairing
  • If you have issues, visit DamagedFiles and delete the files in question

Running First Aid can help you clean your computer of problematic files. But those files may be important, so perform a backup before you start and be prepared to recreate certain files.

The Importance of MacBook Maintenance

MacBook maintenance can keep your computer in good condition, and it can get rid of any vulnerabilities and problems. If you want to extend your computer’s life, you should use these tips regularly.

And if your computer ever has any issues, you’ll know how to fix it. Then, you can save yourself time and frustration.

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