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Do you want to get information about the best plagiarism checker tools for students? Well, you have landed yourself on the right page as in this traction we are going to tell you all about the top-notch utilities that can help you detect plagiarism.

There are more than hundreds of utilities that promise error-free detection, but sadly not all of them are reliable. In this traction, we have shortlisted some of the most reliable and accurate programs available on the internet. These plagiarism scanners can be used by students and other parties related to content writing.


Plagiarism checker free by Duplichecker is a famous online tool for duplication checking. As the name tells us, it has great expertise to check plagiarism in all kinds of content. Plagiarism is illegal in the online world and you must save yourself from it, especially if you are a student. You must know that Duplichecker offers a user to check 1000 words in a single search and you can check plagiarism unlimited time.


The plagiarism checker tool by SmallSEOTools is among the premium services offered by the site. This is a free plagiarism checker tool, so it is best for students who are not earning. The services offered by this plagiarism tool are unlimited. One can check more than millions of files and pages in a single day with the assistance of this plagiarism checker.

The tool has integrations with over billions of webpages with which it compares your content. The tool is also known to be very quick and efficient as it can get you results within less than four seconds per search query.

Pro writing aid

This is a very heavy tool for writers all across the globe. This tool can also be used by students who are preparing assignments or research papers for final submissions. The main purpose of this tool is to check content for all kinds of human errors, including style issues and grammar. The premium version of this tool can also help users in checking their work for plagiarism.

The plagiarism checking feature of this program is very reliable, and you can get accurate results. One of the top features of this tool is that it can work inside MS word.


Grammarly is an all-rounder tool. This tool is considered to be the master of all writing tools because of its versatile and reliable services. This program uses artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms that can check your content for grammar errors, punctuation tone, readability issues, vocabulary, spelling mistakes, clarity, delivery of tone, and engagement as well.

You will be astonished to know that Grammarly also has its very own plagiarism checking feature which can easily help you check your work for all sorts of duplication. This is a very easy to run program!

Copy scape

Copyscape is a plagiarism checking service that is best if you have a huge amount of content or bulk files to check. One can check thousands of pages in one go with this online plagiarism checker utility. You must know that this plagiarism checker is not only super-easy to use, but it is also quite famous in terms of producing accurate results.

The tool has both basic free and premium paid version, so it is up to you to select the package that suits you best. The free version of this scanner is enough for students!


This plagiarism checker tool is specially designed for academic institutes, and you will be shocked to know that it is being used in over 1000 institutes all across the globe. The users of this tool are not only teachers but also students of a higher level.

This plagiarism checker tool is rated among the top ones for checking academic work as the program is integrated with every inch of online educational content available on the web. You can get very accurate results if you use Unicheck to scan your assignments and research papers.

White smoke plagiarism checker

This is another plagiarism tool that is best for students and teachers. This tool is known to be an accurate source because it is integrated with billions of pages and sites indexed with Google. You must know that this online tool is not as famous as Grammarly, but still, you should know that it is effective and efficient.

You can easily use this tool without any skills and experience, which is also a big plus. You can use this plagiarism checker tool on almost every browser and operating system.

All of these plagiarism checker tools are good for students of all ages!

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