Buying Bulk Beef Jerky Is Smart 

A Beef Jerky Buyer’s Guide 

When it’s time for a protein-packed snack, nothing beats a great batch of jerky. Not only is beef jerky delicious, but it’s also pretty darn good for you. Satisfying and salty, beef jerky is filling, low in carbs, and can keep your energy up. So what’s the best way to buy beef jerky?

Below, that’s exactly what we’ll talk about. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to stock up on premium beef jerky while still saving money. That way, you’ll be able to keep a bulk supply of premium jerky on-hand whenever you need it! 

Having a Jerky Supply at Home is Smart 

Although lots of people enjoy jerky frequently, few have an ample supply at home. Unless you’re a game hunter who makes giant jerky batches seasonally, it’s hard to keep this salty snack supplied. 

With that being said, there are multiple reasons to stay stocked up on jerky. For one, it’s smart to have shelf-stable snacks on-tap. Also, you can save money by buying your jerky in bulk. These days, savvy snackers know how to get the most value for their money with wholesale pricing. 

Various Benefits of Bulk Jerky 

In truth, beef jerky is an amazing snacking solution to have at the ready. It’s loaded with salt and protein, so it can keep you going for hours. Plus, jerky is very low in carbohydrates. To this effect, it’s perfect for people who are trying to stay in good health, workout junkies, and adventurers. When you’re rushing, it’s easy to grab a bag on your way out the door or before hitting the road! 

Additionally, jerky can be a great food to have available for emergencies. It has an extraordinarily long shelf life, comes loaded with nutritious benefits, and tastes good. Furthermore, beef jerky requires no cooking, preparation time, or effort to prepare. Simply open a bag and enjoy! 

Prevent Overpaying and Stay Supplied

In the old days, it was much more common to have salted meats stored away for later. Today, however, people seem to have forgotten how useful long-lasting meat snacks like jerky are. Since modern conveniences abound, few give a second thought to keeping shelf-stable foods stored away in their cupboards. 

Regrettably, these individuals will often overpay for their beef jerky later on. For the most part, people will only remember to buy beef jerky when they’re at a gas station or convenience store. Unfortunately, this is where you’ll find the highest beef jerky prices. 

Alternatively, some shoppers buy their jerky at the grocery store. While this will save you a bit of money, we’re here to show you a better way. As a matter of fact, online snack retailers are far superior to grocery stores and gas stations for wholesale shopping. 

Where to Buy in Bulk

Armed with this information, you’re probably wondering where to buy jerky for low wholesale prices. As it happens, we have an amazing retailer of bulk beef jerky for you to check out. Simply click the aforementioned link and you’ll be taken to their meat snack page.

An online retailer of snack foods and specialty items, RiverFrontGifts is the perfect place to shop for meat snacks. There, you can get as much beef jerky as you’d like for cheap. 

Now, here are some of the jerky brands offered by RiverFrontGifts.Com. 

Wild Bills Premium Jerky 

Wild Bill’s jerky is packed with flavor and comes in two different styles on RiverFrontGifts.Com. Choose from tender tips or original jerky. For just $32.69, you can get 36 15 oz. bags of beef jerky! To be clear, this is seriously low wholesale pricing. 

Jack Links Jerky Chew in Bulk 

Beef jerky chew is the perfect portable protein snack. In addition to this, Jack Link’s Jerky Chew is also sold in-bulk online at RiverFrontGifts.Com. You can get 36 cans at a time for less than $40. That’s less than half of what these cans cost at most gas stations! 

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