Phone Master

Phone Master is best for cleaning Android junk files to gain more storage space, performance, and many other useful features that you may not think of. Many Android users have many problems over time. They are

  • No more free storage space.
  • Phone battery running too hot.
  • Phone Battery drain so quickly.
  • Slow and hang-up on important tasks.
  • Save internet data
  • Privacy and protection like app locking, file hiding and etc.

With Phone Master, you can find solutions to all the above problems like Clean Master. Phone Master APK has some other features apart from the main features that are going to discuss here. Feel free to download this tool from Play Store and experience it by yourself.

Why Android phone storage loses over time without sufficient apps, images, and videos. Even you uninstall all the apps and games, you won’t get enough storage space as expected. Why is that? It is due to junk files collected over time. How those junk files created and how to clean them. Android system updates may also create junk files. Android apps and games also have residue files that are no longer need.

Unwanted files may also collect even after uninstalling apps and games too. Cache files and many more ways to collect junk from your Android phone. Your group chats are also a major place for creating unwanted files shared within the group. You can find and delete all those files manually. The best and easiest way is to use an Android cleaning tool like Phone Master.

Why phone battery drains so quickly on older Android phones. With time amount of charge hold on those batteries will lose. However, you can improve your battery life by reducing the amount of battery power used by apps and games. That will reduce the Android battery heating problem too. Phone Master can monitor apps and games that run in the background draining battery power while not in use. By putting those unused apps into hibernating will help you to gain more battery usage time.

The unnecessary workload on the CPU will cause the phone to slow down. Best way to close all unwanted tasks first. You can use the Phone Master app to find those CPU-intensive unnecessary background tasks. Closing or blocking all unwanted background tasks will reduce CPU workload and free RAM storage too. Free CPU and RAM help you to do all your daily works smoothly and fast. Android TV devices also have the same problem of slowing down. You can use Filelinked to find awesome Android TV BOX cleaning tools.

This app has many more features like App locker, antivirus, and many more. Installing one app and having all those features in one place will help you to save your storage space and CPU workload. For Android chat apps and games visit

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