DU Screen Recorder APP Download For Android, iOS And Windows PC

DU Recorder is the most popular app among the screen recording apps and is offered by the famous DU APPS STUDIO Company. DU Recorder is a screen recording app that video all the events are happening in your Android Screen. 

It is compatible with any platform; Android, MAC, IOS, whatever. You should install the latest version, 8.0, updated on July 7th, 2020, to enjoy the new features. And you can identify that there are around 1 million user downloads, which means that 1 million people recommend it over other screen recording apps. live lounge apk latest version.

More about DU Recorder

You can record your screen so correctly using DU Recorder since it has many inbuilt features. 

Not only the screen video, but you can also record gameplays, video calls, live shows, and many other things that happen on your screen. 

You can video the screen in better quality, and it supports low to high resolutions such as HD, Full HD, and 4K. 


Record without limits

  • You can record without limitations. This is a unique feature of DU Recorder since you can record your screen at any time. This helps users who take video calls for hours and the users who watch live shows and video shows for hours. 
  • This is also a beneficial function to the students because they can video the screen of meetings done by their schools and classes. So we can say that DU Recorder can be taken to students’ educational purposes too. 

Many Tools to do Many Tasks

  • DU Recorder introduces many specific functions to do separate tasks; Functions such as screen capturing, video editing, image editing, and many more. DU Recorder allows the users to experience a good screen record by providing many inbuilt features. 
  • DU Recorder enables us to pause, resume, stop recording from a single shake, and many gestures to ease the work. It also introduces a floating window facility to control the screen recording.
  • Moreover, DU Recorder offers you the chance to share your screen video with anyone over social media. (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber whatever). You can also save the videos you record and back up to your Laptop or PC without a doubt.

Inbuilt Video and Image Editor

  • DU Recorder also offers you a video editing facility and an image editing facility. You can now trim, merge, add background music, crop, rotate, add subtitles, change the speed, and convert your video to GIF using this function. 
  • Now you can see that DU Recorder has many unique features than other screen recording apps. Since this allows the users to record the screen and edit the video, they do not have to install any extra app to do their editing tasks. DU Recorder has all the features of a video editing app.
  • Similarly, you can edit images and screenshots using the same facility. You can now use these functions to crop, rotate, blur, and stitch images.  

Live Stream your Screen (Live Creator Mode)

  • Yet another essential feature of DU Recorder is that it gives the facility to do live streaming. This is a useful function to the live creators and especially the game players who play live games. 
  • This also provides the facility to stream the screen to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can again turn on your front camera while live streaming, which makes you visible to the audience. The front camera is also used by game players to show them while playing the game with a group of players.


DU Recorder is a powerful combination of many functions that help users do many tasks within a single app. You can download DU Recorder from its official app without a doubt. Since this supports every platform, the users do not need to worry about downloading this app. DU Recorder is a verified app in Google Play Protect. With the unique functions, DU Recorder allows the users to experience a smooth and stable screen recording. 


Is DU Recorder a free app?

  • Yes, it is. DU Recorder is a free app and can be installed from the official site. You can download it within 5.35 Mb.

Is this app safe?

  • DU Recorder is a verified app in Google Play Protect. Before using, you have to give access permission to specific areas in your phone, such as Camera, Location, Calls and Messages, and storage. You don’t need to worry about safety since DU Recorder almost guarantees that there would be no harm to your data from the app.

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