Mini Metro

Mini Metro. This is a nice game that you can play in your free time. As the name suggests this game is based on metro stations and developing a new city. There you have to design a subway map for a city which keeps growing. The game is very simple to play. All you have to do is to draw railway lines in between the popping up new stations. Then you may be able to develop your city.

This game fits very well with your mobile. The game is developed based on your planning skills. You may really love this game due to its simplicity. But don’t underestimate the game. A lot more challenges are coming towards you while passing different levels.

What is a Mini Metro?

As I told you earlier also this is a fun game where you need to draw lines between the popping stations. It goes under the category of Puzzle Strategy game. Lite and entertainment games are best suited for Android TV since those devices are not powerful to run heavy games. You can use Filelinked to install those lite games.

The interface of the game appears as a transit map. Here simple geometric shapes are used to represent different elements in the map. For example, they use simple nodes of different shapes to represent railway stations and lines t represents railways. The map is very colorful, simple, and very attractive. It looks like a colorful world with so many bright colors.

Because each and every railway is given a different color. Moreover, the music combination of the game is also very calm and nice. But you may find this calm and pleasant music only at the beginning. When you reach some higher levels, you may find that the music will begin to lose its calmness and will speed up making you very exciting.

At first, you have to start with a few stations and a very pleasant few passengers. In the beginning, the game is very easy to play. You will be able to take each and every passenger to their destinations very easily. But with time more stations will pop up. More passengers.

Crowded stations will be there. You have to have very good planning skills to take every passenger to their respective station efficiently and effectively. If not, the passengers will be very aggressive and dissatisfied with your planning skill. So, be intelligent and efficient while playing the game.

Here you are offered several resources. Some are very limited. You have to choose the best situation where you have to use those resources. Sometimes you must build a bridge to extent your railway track. If you lack the resources you can’t make it. So, you may lose. Therefore, be vigilant when you are utilizing limited resources.

Offered with different 13 types of maps to play on with different modes.

The game Mini Metro indeed is a game worthy to try on your Android phone. This game directly from AC Market.

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