10 Lucrative Career Options After Earning BBA Analytics Degree

BBA Analytics is designed to cater to the increasing demand for data analytic, focusing on developing a particular skill-set to investigate business operations. They train individuals to analyze business performance to gain valuable insight into carrying out business planning. There is an overwhelming amount of data in this interconnected world that needs to be processed.

Here is the list of ten career options which can be explored after pursuing BBA analytics: 

1. IT Systems Analyst:

Their primary task is to design the systems for solving the issues related to information technology. Day-to-day activities depend on specialization, job roles, and proprietary tools. They engaging in developing solutions by preparing alternative workflow solutions and evaluating feedback.

2. Healthcare Data Analyst:

These professionals are hired to develop efficient data sharing and storage methods to help locate trends and patterns in the healthcare business sector operations. They facilitate the investigation of such data using diverse sources for analysis. Ultimately they aim to convert it into fruitful information, thereby meeting administrative expectations and goals.

3. Data Scientist:

Data scientists process and verify the data integrity employed for analysis and mining based on state-of-the-art technologies. Additionally, they keep tracking the performance constantly and enhance the efficacy of data collection systems.

4. Business Intelligence Analyst:

These professionals are capable of swiftly identifying the loopholes in business processes. They oversee fresh technology applications by analyzing the business structure and formulating protocols of improvement within the business.

5. Business Intelligence Consultant:

They provide recommendations to senior management via the consultation process. They analyze business procedures and operations to determine vital requirements and determine the key weaknesses in the system.

6. SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer: 

SQL developers work towards developing business intelligence solutions. This not only involves monitoring, and debugging, but also troubleshooting for implementing data. They conduct various tests and employ innovative techniques to conduct analysis.

7. Quantitative Analyst:

Such professionals are recruited by companies to assist them in making strategic financial decisions. They are in high demand for trading positions to identify profitable investment opportunities and to evaluate the financial data for profitable investing models.

8. Marketing Analyst:

They possess expertise in analyzing sales funnels and customer intent by measuring campaign performance. The document reports pertaining to marketing leads, website traffic, conversion rates and social media engagement. Besides researching and tracking consumer behavior and advertising costs, and they navigate market trends to come up with potential business strategies.

9. Digital Marketing Manager:

Digital Marketing Managers employ tools like Google Analytics and custom reporting tools to analyze the traffic social media advertisements and websites.

10. Business Intelligence Project Manager:

They supervise the project teams throughout the various phases of business development. They target achievable resource and project plans within a dynamic and fast-moving environment.

If you are interested in taking up some key milestone projects and want to determine the success factors by implementing your knowledge of data analytics, then you should consider opting for BBA analytics. Apply soon.

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