Types Of Kundan Jewelleries To Wear

Kundan Jewelleries

Kundan Jewelleries! Kundan jewellery is considered to be one of the traditional Indian jewellery which has gem sets and gold foils in between so that they can hold the gems well. It is also known as one of the oldest forms of jewellery which is worn by most women.

Most brides prefer to wear Kundan sets of their D day because it can make them look glamorous and gorgeous without even going through much effort.  These sets look exquisite and people do get a lot of attention after wearing them.

Now, when it comes to Kundan jewellery; what are the pieces that one can think of owning and wearing them on their special day? Here are a few things that one can wear in a wedding ceremony and a few other important family occasions.

Kundan Earrings

Women always hold a special heart and attraction towards a piece of jewellery called earrings. They are also widely worn and most women wear earrings all the time even if there is no occasion. It is a kind if jewellery which are worn for both casual and special outings. When it comes to earrings for brides, it is the most attractive piece of jewellery one can think of. One can also try and experiment with their earrings and appear with some out of the box designs. Kundan earrings can help them to flaunt a style on their D day. It can give one a mesmerising look.

Kundan Necklace

A necklace is a must worn jewellery when it comes to weddings. In fact, one will never see a bride who has not worn a necklace on the wedding evening. Going for the latest Kundan necklace sets can be enough to impress any woman who loves to wear different pieces of jewellery on different occasions.

A good Kundan necklace can be worn on the wedding day and it is so gorgeous that one has to keep the other jewellery pieces minimal so that everyone notices the neckpiece. This can be said to be the most sought out Kundan jewellery.

Kundan Bracelets

This is another piece of jewellery which one must add to their Kundan collection. One can wear Kundan bracelets on their wedding day if they want to ditch the wedding bangles. They can be perfect substitutes of the regular and traditional bangles. These bracelets are intricately designed and they can make any hand look eye-catching.

Kundan Pendants

Just like Kundan neckpieces, one can also go for Kundan pendants to complete their Kundan sets. As Kundan necklaces are more apt for a wedding day wearing purpose, a Kundan necklace can be worn in any formal or an evening party. One can also wear them on any other wedding functions because it can accentuate the entire outfit of an individual.

They are traditional, yet lightweight. Kundan pendants are available in different designer shapes and cuts and one can add more than one pendant to their collection. One can wear them attaching to a plain gold necklace.

These are the Kundan jewellery pieces one can go for.

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