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CBD Boxes! Here are the guidelines for companies to follow properly packaging medical or recreational cannabis shipments for delivery. It is important to follow the guidelines for both inner and outer packaging. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that shipments containing any type of regulated product comply with all applicable laws.

The finalized package (including inner and outer packaging) must weigh at least 50 grams to be processed as an authorized seller’s shipment in the Canada Post delivery network.

Odor proof packaging

Use a small plastic container or vacuum packaging bag. Most zipper bags, like Ziploc bags, are not odor-proof, even if multiple bags are used.

Tamper-Evident Packaging

Include a seal to show that the container has been opened.

Leak-proof packaging

For cannabis oil, use a leak-proof container and a sealed bag before placing everything in the outer packaging.

Guidelines for outer packaging:

Unmarked Outer Packaging

Whether you are using an odor-proof plastic container or a vacuum bag for the inner packaging, place it in  CBD boxes for shipping. The outer packaging must be anonymous (nothing should indicate that it contains cannabis). For packaging tips, read The ABCs of Shipping.

Prevent odor leaks

Keep outer packaging in a separate room. If they are kept near your cannabis products, they may absorb the smell.

Follow the shipping-related regulations

The individuals and authorized sellers must comply with all government laws and Canada Post requirements (Proof of age, signature, and identification).

What happens if you don’t follow the packaging guidelines?

Packages that can be identified as containing cannabis because of the odor they emit or the images on their packaging will be removed from the delivery network and treated as inadmissible items.

Packaging happens to be significant for practically all products. In any case, on account of custom CBD boxes, it is much more basic. CBD and different mixes in hemp, (for example, terpenes) are very delicate, so they should be put away and boxed such that saves their immaculateness and power for as far as might be feasible.

We should realize how the boxing of our products is done, and how it assists with protecting the honesty of the hemp plant. Moreover, we offer you a few hints to assist you with putting away CBD at home appropriately.

How the experts pack CBD products

The entirety of the CBD oils and supplements are boxed in quality glass jolts and fixed with a dropper cap. The CBD creams, then again, are boxed in white plastic screw-top containers. The two products are then stuffed into cardboard boxes.

For what reason do we make use of the cardboard

  • They make use of cardboard boxing to bundle the entirety of our products for one significant explanation to ensure the CBD in our creams, oils, and supplements.
  • They take extraordinary care to guarantee that the entirety of our products contains the most proper packaging of CBD, terpenes, and different parts of the hemp plant. Undesirably, a significant number of these mixes are very powerless, which implies that they need additional consideration to save their quality.
  • That is the reason they make us cardboard boxing. Cardboard shields our products from heat and direct daylight, two factors that can damage hemp aggravates like CBD and terpenes.

Because of the boxing of the products in cardboard containers, you can be totally certain that every one of our oils, creams, and supplements show up at your entryway quite comfortably. To help safeguard the products considerably more, they suggest putting away them in a cool, dim, and dry spot (oils and supplements can be put away in the fridge).

The containers likewise are accompanied by extra info about the item they contain and are produced using reused and renewable materials.

Why they use glass

Both our CBD oils and our Meladol liposomal fluid are boxed in impenetrable glass containers. They do this for various reasons. These containers are totally hermetically sealed, even in the wake of being opened.

Most importantly, the water/air proof nature of the bottle ensures the item once opened. Introduction to air, just as light and warmth, can damage CBD, terpenes, and different constituents in hemp. Make a point to close the cover of every one of our products well after each usage, so as to save their quality.

Second, they use glass containers since they are totally appropriate for CBD products. Low quality plastic containers can spill poisonous substances into fluids and food. Glass, then again, is waterproof; glass containers have an almost 0% possibility of synthetically connecting with their substance.

That is the reason they pack Meladol and every one of our oils in glass containers, to ensure their quality and toughness, both in our stores and in your home.

In conclusion, they use glass rather than other well-known boxing materials, (for example, plastic) since it is all the more naturally amicable. Glass is 100% recyclable, and up to 80% of reused glass is reused to make different glass products. Truth be told, glass can be reused and back in store within 30 days.

They have done the cycle to guarantee that our products are boxed such that safeguards their quality.

Presently is your turn. Here are some straightforward tips to appropriately store your CBD products at home:

Oils and supplements: Make sure the dropper is safely in the bottle after each utilization. Store them in the cooler, ideally in their unique container. Try not to open them to air or direct light for significant stretches. Get them far from all wellsprings of warmth.


The next time you bring home a sachet of weed, be sure to transfer your loot to pots, safely, so you can treat yourself to a healthy dose of your favorite weed every time. The CBD boxes are, however, perfect in every way when it comes to safe packaging. This is why you can count on that kind of packaging. The prices are also within the budget and that is the reason packaging with the same happens to be quite useful.

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