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Friendspire is a new social tool app available and ready to change the way users create and collect recommendations. This new and upcoming app was created by two friends from Denmark who were tired of wasting their time scrolling endlessly through different websites trying to find the best, most genuine recommendations.

With Friendspire, the duo has now made it simple for users to find the best movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, and food/drinks available all over the globe. Friendspire is here to solve many problems within content discovery, but most importantly illustrates that nothing is more important than trusted reviews from real people. It is unfortunate that up till now 40% of reviews one will find online is fake, thanks to Friendspire this problem will no longer be a reality.

What is Friendspire compared to the competition?

Friendspire is an iOS, Android, and web platform that is done to perfection. The platform has been created for the user to enjoy their time creating a system of trusted reviews and recommendations they can share with other users, helping others make significant choices based on the 5 available categories. Friendspire thrives off of its simplicity.

While some individuals spend their time scrolling through several different streaming services trying to find the “perfect” movie; a user of friendspire will only need to take two minutes at the touch of their fingers to find their favorite movies suited for them on whatever streaming service they want. What makes Friendspire so different from others is that it is fun!

This amazing platform has been gamified for the user to create an experience like none other, the ability to like and comment on others reviews as well as making your review in a matter of seconds allows the user to enjoy their time and do it without wasting any free time.

There are other similar sites where you can find several categories like Friendspire but they don’t depend on honest recommendations and reviews when rating their item, nor is it the experience offered by this platform. Additionally, you will also have an opportunity to take your friendship to a higher level by connecting with your friends, and even strangers, hobbies, and favorite entertainment list.

What makes Friendspire the BEST?

Friendspire is the best social tool app available, allowing a user to explore various entertainment platforms while enjoying every second of the experience. Listed below are some of the Friendspires reasons that make them the best.

Easy to use!

At one point in time life regarding entertainment was simple, all it required was turning on the television and choosing from the 5 to 10 channels available to everyone. Now as technology grows more complex so does entertainment, instead of choosing from those 5 to 10 channels the user is required to choose what streaming service they want, and then are displayed over hundreds of different movies to choose from.

Friendspire sees this as a huge problem in the industry. With Friendspire we can keep moving forward with technology while simplifying the way we find the best entertainment available to us. Keep it simple, keep it easy: save all of your favorite items and lists by the touch of your fingers.

Priority in Trust!

Today, 40% of reviews and recommendations found online are fake. Without genuine reviews users and the public won’t be able to build trust in the system. With Friendspire no one will run into an issue regarding honesty and trust. For these reasons the platform thrives, guaranteeing you will get trusted reviews because friends and other users will recommend what they feel is worth anyone else’s time!

Multiple categories!

The Friendspire team works hard to provide the best entertainment and lifestyle categories to help people who might not have friends who can recommend it. With options to choose from: movies, tv shows, podcasts, books, and food/drinks you will gradually build your friendspire circle, and soon you will also be able to recommend to others with trust as well.

A healthy balance!

Anyone should be able to discover the most amazing movies, watch the most thought-provoking tv shows, listen to life-changing podcasts, read books that are impossible to put down and treat themselves to mouthwatering food/drinks. Living a healthy life full of enjoyment means much importance to Friendspire that they want to share this platform with the world.

Finding an unlimited amount of options for you and your friends is what makes life worth living. What makes it even better is the ability to make these decisions in minutes, not hours, and without Friendspire this can not be done.

In the end, you can enjoy this social tool because of the simplified user interface, which is compatible with various devices. The ultimate goal is to ensure you get the best of everything. Friendspire offers everything you need. Try it out today on the app store or check out our amazing website here on the Friendspire website.

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