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Easy Hacks For Reducing App Size By 60% (In Approximately 5 Minutes)

Mobile App Size! Mobile app development Dubai is limited. It is also safe to say that they have a limited amount of battery, storage, and limited processing RAM and internet connectivity. Here we are not targeting any mobile app development processors we are just generally saying.

Let’s just talk about some of the ways in which app size can be reduced
Choose smaller files
As it is said that smaller is better and as a mobile app developer the main thing that we care about is the size of the application with its performance, design, and user experience. Keeping the application size small is an extremely important thing to do, there are more than 11000 android and IOS apps this can be done by keeping low-end configurations, limited storage capacity, and limit the internet connectivity.

The relationship between the application size and user experience is negative the higher the size of the application the more the user will face issues while using the mobile development app

Use APK analyzer

APK is basically the file format that is being used by mobile app developers for the distribution and installation of mobile development apps. This tool is can help you breakdown your application and also tell you which particular component is taking up the most space in the APK file. Let’s see how this function works
You pick out the files which are taking up the most space You choose the file that holds all the valuable resources. You compile all your important data into one file that contains strings, dimensions, styles, etc.

Use android app bundles

As a developer, you need to be compatible enough in the market as well as make sure that your consumers are experiencing high-quality user experiences. To enhance the user experiences mobile development apps introduced an android app bundle and it will help you reduce the size when you use. aab format for your app this leads to the following changes

An APK comprises of
Code and resources
Multiple configuration API’s
Also, android app development is transforming mobile development app ideas into reality with the use of. aab format the coding works in the following way
Select build> Generate signed bundle from the toolbar
Select android app bundle in the check box
Click next
It will redirect you to the module dropdown
Select creation app
Click on the create button
Save releases
Now on the left-hand side, you will see
App releases
Select manage button
Create release
Now move to the google play app for the signing
Select brose files
Select .aab file
Click Save.Deliver on-demand features

Any app that has unnecessary features is not appreciated by the user. So separating the features that your consumers actually need from the other ones is extremely important which will eventually reduce your app size. The user can download this APK as per requirement and ease out all your problemsThis feature works in the following manner
File  New  New Module
From android studio bar
Select Dynamic feature module  click on next button
Open base application drop-down menu
Enable on-demand option

Offer instant app APK

This one is the best way out there to reduce your application size in mobile app development in Dubai. Now create one instant app without URL mapping and it will reduce your complexity. After you publish the URL less instant app Users will be able to access it.Nowadays there is access demand for android and IOS apps in the market. However, the biggest challenge for app developers is to reduce the size of the application.

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