Ways To Keep Your Content Unique According To Plagiarism Checkers?

The effortless access to the massive sum of the sources available for research has made it easier to gather information and compile it in the form of a research paper. Whether you are a student or a content writer, regardless of the topic that you may be assigned, one thing is sure, and that is more availability of data than you can manage.

Instead of the old tactic, which included the person making several visits to the library along with collecting info through journals and other resources, there are now thousands of online libraries that allow you to read anything at the ease of your home.

The vast progression in technology has allowed people to be more educated and aware of the world around them. They are now capable of learning anything, whether it’s a fact or a detailed analysis through their computers.

Another key benefit of it is that the resources are continuously being updated and incorporating any recent developments.

It eventually means that it is also a lot easier to be updated with the latest happenings and events around the world.

Although a lot of advancement has made the world a better place to live, it has its setbacks. One particular issue that has seen a rise over the past few years is plagiarism.

Defining plagiarism

The term plagiarism is a derivation of the Latin word plagiarize, and it means to abduct or kidnap. When it comes to defining the term, it can be regarded as using an individual’s ideas for your purposes without consent or any proper reference to the real owner.

Although the term has no set down definition that is formally recognized by the majority, it is essential to remember that it is more of an offense.

Similar to the idea of theft, plagiarism includes stealing the academic property of a writer.

Plagiarism is a fraud and an act of misleading. Thus it is dealt with pretty severely.  Its application can be in educational matters, journalism, online content creation, and other industries that we come across each day.

Use of plagiarism

There have been many instants where plagiarism has led to a detrimental effect on the reputation.

The first thing that we need to understand is that the concept is pretty broad. It is not limited to the copying of online sources.

One of the most common and widely witnessed plagiarism instances is seen in the movie industry. Movie piracy is a major issue in the industry.

It usually occurs where a film is created in the shape of a videocassette, which lacks the proper endorsement from the rights holder.

In 2003 Jayson Blair, a journalist at New York Times, resigned after he found guilty of using material from several newspapers.

In his famous series that were written for Times relating to military families, Blair also fabricated sources, invented occasions, and lied about the times and places of his reporting.

The most recent event was witnessed by a large public when the current first lady of USA Melania Trump in her Republican National Convention speech in 2016 plagiarized some of the literal wordings of Michelle Obama’sspeech at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Students are also briefed about the significance and the impact of plagiarism. Particularly for educational institutes, the policy governing plagiarism is rigorous. Usually, such stringent measures are enforced to regulate research papers.

Students are well-aware of the importance of good grades in assignments since they contribute towards the final results. So it is crucial to have plagiarism-free content at all costs.

Effect of plagiarism

The effects of plagiarism vary from institutes to institutes. In an informal setting, even quoting someone else’s work without references might not have a very damaging effect.

However, when it comes to more formal settings, the significance of the offense is more elevated.

For students that are caught in the offense of plagiarism, the institute usually initiates an academic misconduct proceeding where the student is asked about their work.

However, when it comes to more severe cases, the person might end up failing the exam or facing a penalty that could include suspension.

Journalists consider plagiarism a breach of journalist ethics. Therefore, a news outlet, if found copying work from others, would result in copyright strikes from the original owners.

There have been several cases where many famous writers have also been caught in the act. For writers, the act of plagiarism might have the most detrimental effect.

Publishers often stop publishing the copies of the book that is caught plagiarizing. Furthermore, any further contracts are also terminated, as plagiarism serves as valid grounds for it.

The author is also asked to resign from the current position that they might be serving.

How to avoid plagiarism?

If you don’t want to get caught in the offense, then it is crucial always to verify your work through a plagiarism tool before submission.

It is because of the nature of plagiarism to even arise unintentionally, but since it is framed under one umbrella term, the consequences are going to be similar.

There are thousands of reliable tools available online, particularly like the PrePostSEO, Seotoolstation or if you are interested in paid software, then the Turnitin remains an excellent choice.

How to keep your content Unique according to plagiarism checkers?

There are some successful methods of using the online content for your benefit, without any plagiarism checker tool detecting it. Some of these include:-

  • Restructuring the document while making changes to the sentence structures, word choice, phrases, and quotations is also a very effective way of getting around plagiarism.

You can reserve the general meaning of the text, while changes are made to the writing.

  • You are correctly citing and referencing your sources or sensitive information in content, also a reliable way of avoiding the issue.
  • Many students change the file format or the language of the document which assists them in getting around a plagiarism checker
  • Reword a sentence is an excellent way of rewriting the text you find online, with the tool failing to recognize it.

Although it is advised that you don’t copy a large file since that would increase the odds of the tools scanning it for plagiarized content. Converting specific paragraphs would be the right choice.

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