Varied Categories Of Useful Cable Tie Mounts

Do you know why cable tie mounts are widely used in industries? Well, there are many more reasons than one. They are considered as the ultimate fixing solution with ultra-strong cohesive strength. Professionals also prefer these mounts, as they help in cable management on any kind of surface. Yes, it can fit on any shaped surfaces like flat, concave, convex, or angled. Engineers also like them for their easy installation in a limited period of time.

There are different categories of these mounts available in the market. If you intend to install an amount, make sure you select the one that perfectly caters to your needs. Choosing the wrong mount will not only hamper your work but will also prove to be a waste of money. Since, cable tie mounts are mostly used to ensure optimum safety, purchasing the ideal model is imperative.

cable tie mounts

Common categories of these mounts:

Adhesive Mount Cable Tie Holder:

This is the most versatile mount amongst all the categories. It comes supplied with adhesive and also allows screw fixing. It is the most bankable option that manages the entire cable system. It can be conveniently used on any vertical space on the wall, whether you are installing it in the office, warehouse or house.

Cable Tie Edge Clip:

Wire clips are mostly used at the base to mount a cable. It does not need any mounting hole; rather it can be used on metal or plastic sheets. These edge clips provide low insertion force and high extraction force ideal for assembly environments. These cable tie mounts are perfect when you want to reduce bundle chafing. You will get various options for edge clips, and you can select the one ideal for your need.

Arrowhead Mount:

Arrowhead Mount is mostly used for low-profile installation applications. They use screws for mounting onto surfaces for 18-40lb cable ties. They provide security to the panel hole. These cable tie mounts are available in various mounts and head styles. You can select one from a wide array of variants. The Arrowhead Mount protects the cables and wires from abrasions and reduces the cable stress on the electrical installations.

Fir Tree Mount:

This type of cable tie mounts provides low insertion and high extraction force. Fir tree mounts with tie cables offer a tight grip in the mounting holes and prevent the intervention of dirt or impurities. This is the most popular and ideal solution to cable management. There is no hassle in its installation and the disc feature prevents any rattle or high vibration. Thus, you can be assured that the friction tab inside the fir tree is firm and it will not fall.

Screw mount/ Hook & Loop Ties:

This provides security to the hook and loop cables when the engineer or professional tries to fix it on the panel. Two different screw sizes can fit in the mounting holes of the zip tie holders. It has a premium quality rubber adhesive-backed mount base that ensures stability.

This is a perfect choice for hook and loop cable ties for electrical, industrial, or networking application. You can get a variety of these cable tie mounts that ensures the task is done effectively. These ties are also suitable for electrical cables.

Masonry Mount:

If you are looking for mounts to be fixed on the bricks, concrete, or wood, then a masonry mount is the answer to it. The cable tie is inserted through the head of the mount to hold or support the cable bundle. This can be fixed instantaneously with no trouble. You only need to drill a hole on the surface and knock in the mount.

Finally, cable tie mounts are used to minimize clutter and ensure safety or safeguard the cable system. If you want to clean up the multiple cables and wires dangling from the wall or ceiling, select a cable tie mounts from the above options.

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