Transfer Whatsapp Chat History From An IOS To Android Easily!

Whatsapp Chat History

Whatsapp Chat History! WhatsApp is one of the top-rated and most-common social media platforms. It has millions of active users and is used as an alternative to sim-messaging and is more convenient. But it uses your local storage for storing the data which is no problem because it hardly requires more than 500mbs for storing the database files but the rest depends on the media.

If you are managing your customers via WhatsApp business, you have already perceived that how important is your chat history and it can also be used as proof. But what if you have decided to buy a new Phone like Iphone12 recently launched with XDR display outperforms the previous version so to be up to date you have to buy this one, the first thing you need is to find a way to transfer your chat history to new device.

It becomes more frustrating when WhatsApp transfer is required from iPhone to android. You may be thinking of getting a google backup but iPhone doesn’t support it you can backup it to iCloud, but even if you are succeeded in generating a backup, you are not going to receive what you want.

So, it is time where data transfer apps come in handy, in our filter record Dr.Fone is one of the software that is amazingly featured one and provides an easy transfer of WhatsApp from iPhone to android with data from iPhone/Android to Android/iPhone and you can also view the backup on your computer before transferring the necessary information.

It might save your time and money at the same time, because you know time requires money and saving time means you can make more money but this guide is not about making money, we simply providing you the tricks to easily transfer WhatsApp across cross platforms and get your chats back…

Getting back to the main context, let’s see how to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone with Dr.Fone- Whatsapp Transfer:

Why Choose Dr.Fone – Whatsapp Transfer to transfer essential WhatsApp history?

Don’t get frustrated about any major WhatsApp Business chat history accidentally lose when you need to switch your phone to a different one. Utilizing Dr.Fone WhatsApp Business Transfer, it is straightforward to change your history chats with associated media between iOS and Android. Everything will be securely shifted.

When you receive a brand-new mobile, no concern it is an ios or Android phone, and shift your WhatsApp data to it, your old chats don’t automatically come simultaneously with your transfer. Thanks to Dr.Fone, WhatsApp transfer is made manageable with Dr.Fone now. It can assist you to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android quickly, backup WhatsApp to PC in 1 tap, and recover WhatsApp backup to a new phone easily.

1:Download And Install Dr.Fone on Your system

The foremost thing required is the installation of the Dr.fone-Whatsapp transfer, so download it and install it. The installation is as easy as ABC. Dr.Fone- Whatsapp Transfer is available for both Windows and IOS.

● Connect your devices to the PC

Simply, connect your iPhone to the PC to start to transfer your WhatsApp data from it, make sure it is unlocked.

● Select “Backup & Restore”

Open the Dr.Fone app on your pc and select “Backup & Restore” from the different options on the screen. Get both of your phones connected to the PC. Both of your devices will be shown on the Dr.Fone app. Carefully connect the source and target for the transfer.

After choosing a particular choice, you will have a window here. Choose the mode “Backup Whatsapp messages”. This will enable you to copy WhatsApp messages from iPhone devices to your harddisk.

Remain until it finishes the backup, After triumphantly back up the information on your system, you can also inspect the backup.Dr.Fone gives the adaptability to show the backup details on your PC without any extra requirement.

● Restore the Backup to your “Android”


When both the phones are connected to the windows by enabling it as a trusted one, don’t interrupt while transferring it to the other device. If any interruption is required Dr.Fone will automatically save data in most cases. Tap on Restore the WhatsApp messages to android to successfully restore the stored data on Android. The copy of the data that is stored on your local disk will be successfully stored on android.

Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer will obtain WhatsApp chats of the iPhone and changes data structures. This method is time spending that’s why you may understand “Special Rules”.

When the passage is terminated, to do the backup plan, it’ll need your Gmail Account. Enter your original and primary email. Then log in to your account and reinstall the WhatsApp data.

Local Backup Data Transfer From an iPhone


Local backup is hard to access while on the iPhone. You can’t get into the root files of the iPhone without jailbreaking it. But it’s just a waste of time just to transfer WhatsApp data.

So you need a third-party app just to transfer it to iPhone.In this guide, we have discovered the best app for transfer which is Dr.Phone -Whatsapp Transfer.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC and launch the latest iTunes.
  2. Choose your device and go to its Review tab. Tap on the “Backup Now” key.
  3. Make it positive you are exerting an offline backup on “this PC” instead of iCloud.
  4. Use a backup extractor used for Icloud to obtain the WhatsApp local file.
  5. Shift the backup file to the selected Android device.
  6. WazzapMigrator app is good to transfer the targetted device.
  7. Open it and choose the WhatsApp backup to restore it to your new device.

It’s not an easy task to transfer data from cross platforms as it requires the variation to the file formats and the programming behind it is just complicated. But Dr.Fone somehow discovered a way to make every enable to easily transfer data from any compatible device to any other compatible device

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