6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Quickbooks Software

Quickbooks Software

Various business owners especially the small-scaled ones typically use QuickBooks which helps them in managing all their invoices, bill payments, and tracking the inwards and outwards flow of the cash. The account receivable integration for QuickBooks software also used for generating monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial reports and statistics as well as preparing the business taxes for the same.

This is a usual tradition by the business owners to operate QuickBooks themselves or an in-house or subcontracted bookkeeper.

QuickBooks is one such accounting software that is used mostly in small-scale businesses to manage their income and expenses and maintains a good track of financial health. It can be used for sending invoices to the customers, bill payments, report generation, and preparing the taxes. It includes a line of multiple solution options which is a great choice for anyone from an entrepreneur to small-scale business.

Since the market has various QuickBooks solutions, it is very important to choose the correct one. Before you go on to commit, give the trial usage of Troveworks accounts receivable software integration for Quickbooks a chance by signing up, and test all the functions and features included in it.

1. Sales and Income

Managing your sales and income gets easy with the help of QuickBooks by creating all your invoices for tracking the sales of the clients. This will keep you one step ahead of your customers by analyzing the details of all your past and current invoices through accounts receivable balance.

2. Transactions

An automation process is built up in the QuickBooks which connects all your banks and credit card accounts with it which helps in keeping the track of your bills and expenses which can be downloaded and categorized accordingly. Another quick-access feature that comes in handy in urgent conditions is feeding the information of check or cash transactions directly within a few minutes.

Such account receivable technologies help with the payment of due bills. For example, you can create accounts payable reports which will make sure you are paying the bills on time and provide you with the details of all the past and present bills. You can analyze these reports for any kind of issue if noticed.


When you keep a record of all your inwards and outwards cash flow activities in QuickBooks, it enables you to access various generated reports from past to current which has valuable insights for you regarding your business and the current stature of the finance. These reports get pre-built in such accounts receivable technologies are just a few clicks away from their full access.

These reports are updated in real-time as soon as you enter and save any transaction. It is beneficial when you need to present financials to potential investors, loan to lenders, or line of credit. The key reports you need for assessment are:


If there is one thing you don’t want to mess with is getting involved in preparing your payroll on your own. Payroll cannot tolerate and humanly error as the consequences will be heavy penalties and an unhappy employee. The best part of account receivable software integration is that it can automatically calculate and run payroll as per your needs.

Since it is integrated with QuickBooks, your financial statements stay updated with the latest payroll run and quick access to the latest payroll taxes for preparing employee and employer payroll taxes.

Using it through QuickBooks enables you the functions such as:


QuickBooks keeps a track of all inventories such as the available amount and unit costs through various reports and keeps updating this for you when you feed each transaction. The traditional way to keep track of your inventory via spreadsheet was a hit until the analysis started showing humanly errors which were causing huge loss. A report through QuickBooks shows a list of available products, total quantities available, cost per unit, and total value.


As the business grows over time, the pile of receipts keeps adding up at the desk and consumes a lot of time of yours to provide the exact requirement to your tax professional while preparing the tax return. QuickBooks helps in managing all the documents required for accounting and tax purposes.

Tax professionals are available there who can pull out the data and information which is exactly needed to file returns. These data are accessed through a personalized user ID and password keeping all the data security measures intact.

This helps you in saving a few bucks as well because all these activities are monitored within QuickBooks where not too much is sent while all the receipts and bank statements need organization. The intent here is to account for all the income and expenses without compromising the quality and humanly errors.

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