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Latest App Trends You Should Know

So, you’ve bought a new smartphone, and it supports all the features you’ve dreamt of? That’s awesome. But now it’s time to download some cool apps. To keep you up to date with the latest app trends for 2020, here are our top picks.

 Apps are one of the major reasons for the evergrowing popularity of smartphones. It’s the apps that make a phone “smart” by improving its capabilities. Some of them are very practical, but others are meant just for fun. Who can imagine mobile phones these days without popular games like Angry Birds, Fortnite, or Magic Stone? These titles have been part of our daily lives for years.

And their popularity has benefited many businesses who’ve chosen to advertise themselves on these apps. But to make your company stay truly competitive and relevant, you should develop your own mobile app. And to give you some ideas on where to get started, check our list of the most trending products in 2020.

1. Instagram 


Ever since its launch in 2010, the Instagram app has gained unprecedented prominence and completely changed digital marketing with its various tools and ads. Taking your company to Instagram continues to be one of the main mobile app trends in business in 2020, as it promises a high ROI.

2. Netflix

Netflix is a video-on-demand app that’s the most popular subscription-based media service to watch TV shows and movies. It refreshes its list of shows and movies consistently. The seemingly never-ending interesting content has made Netflix one of the top applications among young people.

3. Amazon

Amazon is super easy to use and works fast. With just a few taps, you can apply various filters on your searches and look up a huge variety of products. And when it comes to making the purchase, Amazon’s simplified checkout is a prime example for all eCommerce shops.

4. Uber

Mobile app trends 2020 moves toward bringing services to people in the fastest and most convenient way. And Uber’s doing exactly that. People looking for a ride never have to wait for too long, and they’ve got Google Maps to show the exact location of the driver.

5. YouTube


YouTube is by far everyone’s favorite video sharing platform and for a good reason. Nearly everyone can use the YouTube app to find entertainment and news that fits their interests and tastes. And as we’ve already mentioned, web app trends in 2020 are moving towards ease of use. The straightforward navigation, message queues, and a full-screen playback on the YouTube app make it a preferred choice over the browser version.

6. WhatsApp – Making New App Trends

This chat app has over 1.5 billion users across the globe and is widely used for both video and audio calls. The best part is that it supports calls between different countries’ phone networks. And WhatsApp even features end-to-end encryption for more security.

7. Sleep Cycle

Mobile app trends to watch out for this year are obviously related to wellness. Because of social distancing, many of us were advised even to skip doctor’s appointments. Luckily, wellness app trends are moving towards increased accuracy when assessing your medical condition. Got trouble sleeping? Then check out the Sleep Cycle application. It tracks your sleeping cycles based on sound and movement analysis.

8. Facebook 


The Facebook app makes networking more convenient on your smartphone. And it’s not limited only to a few mobile platforms. It’s important for any business to make their applications available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc., to reach the maximum audience.

9. Duolingo

Learning a new language is always a great idea. And the Duolingo app gives you great language lessons completely free of charge. The cool thing is that it is also available offline. So, even if you wander off to an area with no Wi-Fi connection, you can still continue to practice the language.

10. AccuWeather

The latest travel app trends allow you to make more accurate plans by picking the quickest routes and avoiding any traffic jams. But another important factor in making your travel plans successful is the weather forecast. Fun beach trips or hiking excursions can easily turn into misery when the weather turns bad. AccuWeather provides you with a 5-day forecast and a feature that zeroes in on your exact location. Thus, you will get minute-by-minute weather reports.


And this was our list of the most trending apps in 2020. A well-thought-out program can do wonders for your business’ marketing goals and help you establish a deeper connection with your audience. Hopefully, you found enough inspiration to start building the ultimate user-friendly application for your brand. It’s up to you to connect it with the world.

What is your favorite smartphone app? Leave the comments below.

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