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10 Delicious Cakes For Girlfriend’s Birthday

Cakes For Girlfriend’s Birthday

Cakes for Girlfriend Birthday! It’s your girlfriend’s birthday. Yayayay!! Like always, you want to make it special for her. By now, you would have browsed the ideas for surprising her, the gifts you will be giving, and all the other preparations. The secret ingredient to making any birthday celebration grand and memorable is a CAKE!

So, for your girlfriend’s birthday, we have listed ten delicious cakes. All the listed cakes can be availed by you online from a reputed bakery and will be delivered to your girlfriend’s doorstep either the same day or midnight.

1. Kitkat-Gems Cake:

A chocolate beauty that will leave her craving for more. A rich chocolate cake bounded with Kit Kat bars on the side and topped with a mouthful of colourful gems. The cake is finished in a ribbon, making it look like a delicious gift.

2. Heart-Shaped Cake:

Make love to your girlfriend over a heart-shaped cake in red velvet flavour. The tantalizing red velvet flavour, the chocolate shavings, and melt-in-mouth cake layers will satiate her sweet and love cravings like none other. Moreover, the Dil shape adds an extra charm to the cake.

3. Rosette Cake:

Pretty and tasty is what we would like to describe the rosette cake. The cake is covered in whipped buttercream roses. The cake is available in a variety of flavours like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla-chocolate, etc. Strawberry flavour cake has pink rosette. If your girl loves all things pretty and pink, then why not gift her something she wants?

4. Photo Cake:

Photo cakes are in huge demand. Everyone just loves to cut and taste photo cakes. For your girlfriend, a photo cake will be the best choice. Whichever bakery you choose to order the cake, you just have to upload the photo, select the flavour, and shape (round, square, heart), and the edible photo cake will be baked and delivered. We would suggest you go with a photo of you and your girlfriend to make the moment mushy-mushy sweet.

5. Makeup Theme Cake:

Your girlfriend loves makeup. Well, which girl doesn’t? That’s the reason, this cake is on the list. Makeup theme cakes are fondant cakes with edible makeup products like an eye-shadow palette, lipsticks, brushes, makeup pouch. You can get the flavour of the cake and brand of the makeup customised as per the choice of your girlfriend. As soon as she unboxes the cake, her cheeks will go pink from blushing.

6. I Love You Poster Cake:

Her birthday is the perfect opportunity to once again express your love for her. Do it sweetly yet differently with a poster cake. You can get the cake customised with an edible I Love You Poster along with her name. Every bite of the cake will make her feel your sweet love. Save this cake idea for romantic birthday surprises.

7. Letter-Shaped Cake:

The cake comes in all shapes and sizes. One such beautiful and tasty cake shape is alphabet cakes. You can get the cake designed in the first letter of your girlfriend in her favourite flavour. Both buttercream and fondant choices are available in alphabetical cakes.

8. Fruit Cake:

Fruit cake is appropriate for people who love a punch of health in sweetness; just like your girlfriend. Fresh fruit cake is designed with whipped cream and colourful, juicy chunks of seasonal fruits like apples, oranges, kiwis, cherries. Other fruit cake varieties include mango cake, kiwi cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, orange cake. Fruit cakes are also the best options if you are throwing a birthday party with friends and family in attendance.

9. Chocolate Truffle Cake:

Some people like to have only chocolate cake at birthdays. If your girlfriend is also a chocolate lover, then there is nothing better than chocolate truffle cake. Chocolate truffle cake is a rich, moist, and dark decadence coming in a variety of shapes and designs.

10. Emoji Cake:

All through the day, you keep sending her love emojis. Why not make her taste one of them. You can get the kissing emoji, heart-eye emoji, smiling face emoji or any other emoji designed as a cake, all in yellow and red. You can choose fondant or buttercream emoji cake as per the choice.

That’s all from us! We are sure these cake designs will make the birthday of your girlfriend a day to remember and cherish for years to come. Everyone, including your girlfriend, will find it hard not to talk about the cake.

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