Weight Gain – How Much Is Alarming?

A sudden and rapid increase in weight is an alarming sign for health as it induces fluid retention in the body. Weight gain can become a cause of some kinds of heart, kidney, osteoarthritis, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer type 2, diabetes, and other diseases of such kind. Though in some cases weight gain is inevitable like pregnancy and growth of children.

However, most people gain an unplanned weight most likely between the ages of 30-40 years which is quite dangerous. In this regard, as the people grow older their body composition gradually shifts. Decreasing in the proportion of muscles and increasing the proportion of fat negatively affects their metabolism.

How much weight is alarming?

Food with a massive amount of carbohydrates, sodium, and fat takes comparatively more time in processing and excretion from the body. Fat people become lazy. A type of swelling can be observed on their face, hands, arms, ankles, and abdomen. Overweight can cause nausea, tremor, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing in severe cases.

Females during weigh gain face abnormal menstrual cycle, an underactive thyroid, crushing syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, constipation, fatigue, hair loss, vision impairment, rise in temperature, headache, uneven breathing. If someone starts getting bulky, he/she should take serious steps to lose weight. Weight gain is dangerous for people of all ages without any discrimination.

It causes endocrine, urinary, respiratory, and cardiac disorders. Weigt gain is equally alarming in children as well as adults as it can also affect the functioning of the heart, kidney, and liver. Stats reveal the fact that the. of obese children in the world of age group 5-19 years will rise up to 254 million in 2030.

How much weight is Safer?

Weight is determined by the number of calories consumed as compared to the number of calories burnt. Weight should be maintained according to age factor as getting weight is quite easier but losing it is an uphill task. The ideal weight never creates depression and fatigue in the human body. Ideal weight depends upon multiple factors like age, sex, height, activity level, etc.

The leftover of food must be excreted in form of mucus, sweat, stool, and urine. The balanced weight keeps the human body active and does not make it difficult to breathe. If someone’s weight fluctuates more than six pounds during a period of six months or less, he/she must consult a physician. Weight gain must be taken seriously if the disposition and outlook of someone become clumsy.

Causes of Obesity

Researchers are of the view that the weight of human beings may fluctuate with regular intervals. A rise in the weight of an individual might be noticed on Sunday night due to dining out and drinking alcohol. Salt-rich food and excessive use of carbohydrates may cause our body to retain water which ultimately results in weigt gain.

Other than that over-eating, excessive use of cold drinks, junk food, slow metabolism, uneven use of tranquilizers, anti-depressants, phenothiazine, steroids, mega mass, birth control pills, and additive use of sugar are the most common causes of weight gain. The self-created comfort zone of people stops them to take exercise.

Nature as well as the environment of someone’s job is also very important as it also plays its role in treating depression and gain in weight. In addition to that, there are some important reasons for the increase in weight.

Not getting adequate sleep


Researchers are of the view that insomnia leads to depression and weight gain. Stats show that almost 1/3rd of Americans don’t enjoy enough sleep. A study was conducted in the USA involving 68000 adult women. The result showed the woman who slept less than 5 hours a night had more chances of getting obese as compared to other participants who enjoyed sleep of 7 hours or more.

No Relaxation Time

Some people get so much stuck with their busy schedules that they don’t have any time for getting relaxed. This leads to frustration and stress. Consequently, people eat unhealthy comfort food which is not a solution at all to release the stress. Constant stress is very much linked to belly fat.

Food Serving in Larger bowls and plates

It has been observed that the size of bowls and plates has a significant impact on people’s waistlines. In an analysis of 72 studies, it was found that participants consumed more food as they were served in larger utensils without even knowing it consciously or unconsciously. They consumed an average of 16% more calories as compared to other fellow beings that were served in smaller plates.

Eating in front of The digital screen

People like to eat while reading newspapers, surfing the internet, or watching television.  A review of 24 studies showed that this kind of distraction during dining led them to consume more calories. Lack of mindful eating during these distractions even led the participants to consume some more calories in other slots of the day.

Protein-less Diet


Food that is full of protein and other nutrients can help you to eat after long intervals. Protein-rich food tells the body to make Peptide YY, GLP, and GLP-1 like hormones and avoids making hunger hormones like Ghrelin.

How to control weight gain?

Once the weight is gained, it becomes an arduous task to lose it. Though there is no smart plan to reduce weight in a glimpse of the eye, yet some necessary measures can be adopted to lose weight. Weight can be recorded at different intervals of time. The lowest and most accurate weight can be observed at waking up with an empty bladder.

Though weighing yourself after different intervals of time would not reduce weight yet it would make you conscious about controlling weight. Measuring different limbs of the body like waist, arms, thighs, and biceps separately may educate you about the real situation of fat on different parts of the body. Yoga and Exercise must be taken on a regular basis in order to release fatigue.

A Diet chart can be prepared in consultation with a food nutritionist. The use of junk food and sweetened beverages must be stopped. Green salad and Fat-free milk should become a necessary part of the diet.

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