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Which Social Media Channel Is Right For Your Art Business?

Art Business! Today, whether you’re a businessman or an artist, a manufacturer, or a marketer, every business needs to get on an online platform to reap the full benefits of marketing and sales. If you are not using social media channels, you’re missing out on your clientele and targeted market.

Being an artist, it is a bit scary to showcase your art on social media platforms from the fear of it being copied or misused, however, you’ve got to take this risk and get your art out there anyways. The social media campaign again needs to be developed for the artists as per the niche they want to target.

How can social media platforms benefit an artist?

The social media platform has a way of benefitting everyone who knows his or her way around social media. Many business-oriented social media network sites are specifically made to cater to artists as well and have a huge community of clients looking for art.

The following are a few benefits that the artists can avail from using social media platforms:

  • Targets a greater audience.
  • Ability to interact with the customers and clients in real-time.
  • Art galleries have become extremely expensive and not every artist might be able to afford an art gallery exhibition. Social media platforms give the artist a free platform to showcase their talents and display their artwork.
  • Gain a fan following from the artwork.
  • Get clients from all over the world and get connected globally.
  • Networking with other artist become easier.

Social Media Platforms For Artists

Social media platforms play an important role for the artist to carve out the creative and artistic niche to market their artwork and network with potential clients. The three main platforms for an artist to join our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. However, this is overly saturated and have too much noise, to cancel out the noise there are many other platforms as well that work well for artist and are mentioned below.

1. Facebook:

If you are new to introducing your art on the Facebook platform, it might be a bit tough for you to develop a fan following and get clients in the beginning, however with time and advertising campaigns you will eventually be able to get a niche for yourself. Facebook provides the opportunity to create a live interactive session with the clients which makes the communication easier.

The artists are able to create events and hold online live videos to showcase their art or artwork in the process. It is also to keep the fan following updated with exhibition dates etc.

2. Instagram:

Because of Facebook being overcrowded and having a lot of fake profiles, Instagram is a more authentic platform for artists. Instagram is a platform that is used more by Generation Z who are more prone to artistic and visual content. Instagram has proven to be more beneficial for sales of new and artistic material, the artists have the ability to post IGTV live videos of their artwork and get viral.

We are coming across a lot of videos on Instagram and Facebook where artists record the process of their artwork and get viral for the techniques they use. Instagram is worth it. The platform also offers business analytics and other offers that an artist can use to the best of his or her benefits.

3. Pinterest:

Pinterest is the best option for an artist. This platform works well for all the professionals on the artistic side. A lot of interior designers and artisans showcase their artwork on this platform. Pinterest is mostly used by people who have an eye for art and decoration. The artists can benefit from this platform to catch the attention of the art seekers.

4. Youtube:

Youtube is a platform used worldwide for all the niches. Today generation is more interested in visual and revealing content, which is why youtube is another way artists can create a greater fan following by showing them their artwork in the process. Many artists are also using this business-oriented social media network to start tutorials of their artwork. Many youtube videos of ‘How to Draw’ and ‘How to paint’ are going viral and appealing to the audience.

5. Dribble:

Dribble is a social network platform that helps the artist to showcase their portfolio. This place is more for graphic designers. Dribble can work with different platforms and create job boards with Tumblr, Amazon, Vimeo, Microsoft advertisers, etc.

6. Behance:

This is owned by Adobe and cater to the niche of graphic designers and is open to a lot of artists. Behance is popular for having a user-friendly interface where you can display your portfolio to showcase your professional and personal projects to the clients.

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