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Want to know the perfect tip to grow more in cs go?Taking the answer as yes, it’s time to make the dream a reality. In order to be a good cs go player, you need to make sure that you practice, learn from cs go guides, and observe the pro players. But if you are still not seeing any progress, it’s time you see if you are on the right shoe. It is time that you shift your focus to mouse settings and discovers the new convenience in the gaming world.

In cs go, the real weapon that no one talks about is mouse setting and sensitivity. All the kills you achieve in the cs go world is due to the movements in the real world. If you are a newbie, then the default mouse setting is good to go. But after playing some matches, you may find to change the settings according to your need. To help you out know about cs go mouse settings and sensitivity, here is the blog.

Mouse Sensitivity:

If you are relying just on game settings to have a good aim, then you are going the wrong way. But what can you do to change? You can’t change the style and shape of a mouse. So the best thing you can do is adjust the sensitivity to low as to make an action in the virtual world you need a bigger movement.


CPI stands for counts per inch. This the similar to the term DPI and is used for the same purpose.


DPI stands for dot per inch. It is the process that informs the system about mouse movement in one inch.

The most suitable DPI for cs go:

If we look at what pro cs go players usually prefer,  then its low sensitivity. So if you are looking forward to making a professional appearance in the cs go world, then you must adopt the same thing.

The sensitivity that is considered low is about 300-1000. The cs go pro players usually play at a sensitivity of 400. The high sensitivity range is not a good practical example if you are going for a shooting game. So make sure you change the setting and play at low sensitivity. You can also adjust the setting according to your ease. For this purpose, play the matches, observe things, and change it the way you want it.

The right way to calculate mouse sensitivity:

The best way to calculate mouse sensitivity in cs go is by multiplying it with the mouse DPI. For example, you calculate your mouse sensitivity to be 500, and game sensitivity is 3 then it comes out to be 500*2=1000.

Ways to adjust mouse sensitivity:

Following are the two methods through which you can adjust the mouse sensitivity in cs go:

After entering the cs go platform, go straight to the game settings, and search for the options keyboard/mouse. After selecting this option you will be given with the following options:

Reverse mouse: Mostly players prefer to not play with this option enabled.

Raw Input: If you don’t want to get stuck in the windows mouse setting, it is better to turn this option off.

Mouse sensitivity: Is the number that is multiple with the mouse DPI in cs go to get the final mouse sensitivity.

Mouse Acceleration: If you are not using a gaming mouse, then go for this feature

Acceleration Amount: The value for the above feature.

How to use the developer console to change mouse sensitivity:

In order to change the mouse settings, you need to go through the following console commands:

The very first step is to go for the developer console by pressing. After that, you can go for multiple commands to enjoy the best mouse sensitivity.

The most suitable mouse sensitivity with cs go:

You can play with different mouse sensitivity but if you are not in a mood to explore and want to jump straight to the conclusion by following the footsteps of pro cs go prime accounts players, then you can choose anyone from the following list.

  • Stewie2K mouse settings
  • kennyS mouse settings
  • Niko mouse settings
  • s1mple mouse settings
  • Coldzera mouse settings
  • ScreaM mouse settings.

Wrapping up:

In esports games, else than shooting, mouse sensitivity is a factor that plays a major role. So to make things work out, it is significant to explore what mouse sensitivity is, its related terms, and its working. You can choose any of the above commands on the developer mode to make things work for you in the right way.

The above-mentioned information is totally based on the playing technique of pro players so following it may lead you to the top ranks and top names of cs go. Not just this, customizing the mouse sensitivity according to your ease will enhance your gaming experience as well.

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