10 Best Smart Things Compatible Devices

Smart Things

Smart things are the control house for all the smart devices present in your home. They help you in building a connection between your smartphone and your home appliances. They are the home automation platform using radio waves as a source of communication. They are smarter than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and are considered as an effective option for many smart device producers.

They are easy in use and are considered the most compatible devices. The biggest advantage of smart things is that you can get access to all devices through one app. The beauty of smart things is that they draw less power and they keep the hub up to date by adding compatible devices automatically after detection.

They bring a variety of devices including a fridge, lights, speaker, security cameras, voice sensors, alarms, and switches in a single room and you can operate all of them from smart things app.

Best Compatible Devices

Now we will discuss some best smart things devices one by one:

SAMSUNG Family Hub 3.0:

The family hub is a smart kitchen refrigerator with some super amazing features which make it different from any other refrigerator. Those features include; an ice maker, adjustable shelves, and a water dispenser attached to it. You can connect it to the internet via its 21 inch LCD screen from where you can access your smart things app.

This app will automatically sync all the devices of your phone with this family hub including the security cameras. It is smart enough to adjust your thermostat settings when you are busy with your breakfast. With the help of its three cameras, you can monitor the temperature of your fridge or the food stored in it.

Ecobee 4 Mart Thermostat:

This is a 4 generation ecobee smart thermostat with an Alexa speaker which helps you in controlling other smart gadgets along with ecobee. You can access news or make a to-do list with the help of Alexa speaker. The smart thermostat consists of new temperature based options, standalone temperature, and motion sensor. Ecobee is a smart thermostat that saves energy.

It adjusts your room temperature according to the surroundings. It gives you a warm and cozy environment when it’s cold outside and vice versa. Ecobee can be controlled directly with the smart things app including its cooling, heating, and motion sensor.

Netgear Arlo Pro 2:

Arlo Pro 2 is a universal security camera system that is made up of a hub and two cameras. The cameras are usually small and self-effacing. They have magnetic bases which makes their installation much easier. They are weatherproof and can be set outside the house because of their adjustable capabilities. It comes with an infrared LED that gives you high pixel video even at night because of its night vision feature.

Also, you can see who is outside and can communicate with them through built-in speakers and microphones. Its two ways communication can help you in having a candid conversation with your pets and also you can scare away the thieves.

AEOTIC Multisensor 6:

This is a multi-tasking sensor with six measurements, making the multisensory 6 the most unique regular trigger on the market and a blessing for smart things users. It provides a reliable trigger for lights, UV sensors, temperature sensors, and burglar alarms.

Smart things Water Leak Sensor:

This sensor sends a notification when a leak is detected or other detection of other relative devices. It usually sends a flood alert in the form of different patterns, colors, or some light signals. It also turns off the plugged-in devices to prevent electrocution when there is a flood alert.

LIFX WI-FI Smart LED Light Bulb:

It is the smartest bulb easy to operate and smart in use. They produce millions of colors and they set those colors with changing temperatures. You can also sync the light of this bulb to music or can change the color of lights if there is a party going on.

Amazon Echo (2ND GENERATION):

They are the smartest speakers with Alexa as an AI assistant. It will tell you in keeping yourself aware of weather updates and will also crack jokes. You can also control other devices from it with voice inputs. They are cylindrical in shapes with playback controls on its top.

Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch:

These dimmer switches allow you to control lights in a room from your phone or you can do it either physically. They are the most affordable dimmer switches that can operate with smart things.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

This life-saver alarm detects the concentration of CO in your room and gives you a warning alarm if it’s too high. There is a photoelectric sensor attached to it that detects smoldering fires.

Electronic Touch Pad Deadbolt:

Having these little Kwikset’s smart codes deadbolts makes it easier for you to open the locks without the keys by simply opening it with a numeric password. This keypad is lit making it helpful for you to put in the right code even in the dark.

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