Top 2020 Fashion Trends For All You Can Shop Right Now

2020 Fashion Trends

These are not only 2020 fashion trends fun and daring; they fit flawlessly with your contemporary closet. In fact, they are within easy reach for shopping hitherto. Below, you will find assorted 2020 trends based on the runs. You can go ahead and grab them now. Take some Instagram worthy photos of these trends, and afterwards, you will be staggered with everyone’s comments on how you did it in the first go.

Seriously, there is no reason to move forward and in spite of that get you all set for 2020. Check out the trends below. Get ready to be debonair in group chat. From plate front pants to dominatrix vibes, 2020 trends are up for it.


Get ready to get a little wilder, because Safari Chic is here to bring us all into the fashion adventure. From utopian-inspired rompers and jumpsuits to truly beautiful khaki vibes, these safari styles will keep you stylish in the wild and outdoors.

Take a bow

The bigger the bow, the better it looks. Get ready to see bows everywhere in 2020 and so on as ladies apparel manufacturers are making these colossally.  Just add some bows be it a dress, bag or hair.

Mirrored Must-Haves

Bling dresses get a heritage twist this season with mirror add-ons. Whether it’s in the form of full-cover body decorations or sprinkled with prints, give your wardrobe a bright update this season.

Pleat front pants

It’s no secret that pleat front pants have been great in 2020 and ready to take them into the New Year. Wholesale jeans manufacturers are budging beyond making jeans with these apparels. Pair these with your favourite top, tee or bodysuit, you set. Floral pleated pants are a chic statement piece.

Cheery Cuts

Go for a modest kurta and get a chic makeover. Choose from delicious traditional styles or playful strappy figures and give your skirts a stylish tiny frame.

Long white dress

You do not need to become espoused to experience a long white dress. This trend is expected to increase in 2020 as it will be worn by a plethora of women even who won’t attend any wedding.

Dusty Dance

Dust rose somewhere between the soft pink and fuchsia sparkles. This colour that is clearly visible in spoke gold will captivate you with its old-world lust.


Forget everything you thought you knew about capes because the trends of 2020 are here to shake things up. Chick and prep capes are expected to take over the new decemvir.

One Piece Awe

The festival functional piece of work with the curved line of jumpsuits type. Whether you want to give your wedding wardrobe a modern makeover or your everyday outfit is a refreshing but easy spin, jumpsuits can easily add an addition to your closet.

Cocktail Saris

Fuss-free fusion finds expression in stunning cocktail sarees. Ladies dress manufacturers in India have been designing with attractive cuts, liquid dots and modern details, these rethinking styles are inspiring for the traditional six yards.

Burnt yellow

Certainly not bright yellow, not mustard, but burnt yellow will bless the stage in 2020.


Ready-to-wear fusion looks are keywords in fashion this season and dress manufacturers in India are prioritising this in making. Not light wear though considered as not that minimalistic. Efficient yet not prosaic, new-age silhouettes are acquiring it.

Hot Weather Leathers


From pants to blazers to maxi skirts, the best real and fox-leather pieces are now a staple throughout the year. Consider the buttery guide to looking super-rich.

Sensational Sleeve

The exaggerated sleeve is the word in today’s fashion! Whether it’s head-turning ultra-long versions of retro favourite bell sleeves, it’s an easy way to give your outfit an instant update.

Slit Bombshell

Humble tunics and kurtas get an attractive spin with high slits. With that extra cut, the traditional look gets a beautiful modern feel.

On the spot

Who doesn’t love the inherent femininity and drollness of a good polka dot? You will definitely find a fun pattern reminiscent of the 90s in simple tank tops, maxi dresses, and slim silk bias-cut skirts. The secret is keeping your cool while adding a little wink.

Blushing Honeys

The smooth experience makes blush for a fun palette in the summer. Top it with metallic details, this colour will give a great touch to your look.

New trench

A trench coat is an indispensable wardrobe staple. Designers are developing that concept through innovative approaches to timeless toppers. Simply put, it may be time for a pristine trench.

Marigold Oomph

Fresh, refreshing, festive, there is no better colour than yellow in summer. Immerse yourself in this playful colour that gives a modern edge to your style with a dramatic asymmetrical tunic or embroidered skirt set.

Fitted Knit Vest

In short, sleeveless knitwear is all new. Fashion and apparel manufacturers are inferring that these pieces are ideal layered over a long made-to-measure shirt.

Darling Sorbet

On a sunny or starry night under the sun, pastels fit seamlessly into all scenes. Conquering the colours of pistachios, mint greens, powdered blues and sunny. Sorbet colour palette is easy, dreamy and fun.

Chunky Chains

Chunky, heavy metallic accessories have the ability to change any outfit. I love brevity when layered with your everyday small and beautiful pieces.

Shining Affair

Metallic prints and sequins are making a great re-entry this year, and we are all in love with the luxuries.

Skater Jeans

The big and boogie skater is a new favourite for fall and offset with feminine elements like a cardigan with an oversized tote ladylike bag.

Warmish White

The bright colours of white look amazing this season. Designed in playful bows, flowing kurtas and delicate drapes, our whites will introduce romance into your look.

Knitwear from Head to Toe

Head-to-toe knitwear is all about this season with innovative multi-coloured, patterned knitwear that is comfortable and bold as well.

Threaded Attire

Embroideries are the perfect way to add an erotic vibe to your look. Choose everything from soft multi-coloured threads to sequins and zaris. Cheers for embroidery.

Frisky Hems

The tunics get a bohemian twist with new asymmetrical cuts. Enjoy the long and short of fashion.

Autumn Tones

The addition of chocolate brown, copper, lemon yellow, dark orange, mint, chilli and fuchsia autumn tones is key to this fall colour palette

Dreamy Drapes

This season is all about dreamy, flair drapes. From tunics to scarves, from romantic hemlines to sleek flowing layers, drapes add a touch of fringe to soft silhouettes.

Magical Midnight Blues

Midnight blue wins the shade game. Whether it’s a lunch or dinner, this colour makes a powerful and refined statement.

Western Boots


The cowboy boot continues to influence the world, exploring many new iterations of brands cult classics, toe and heel shapes, exploring new materials,  and details such as the pair’s white piping.

Bloom In Grace

Sturdy feminine and glamorous flowers are becoming a new alternative to bright up colours and heavy embroidery. Choose from delicate metallic wires or bold bouquet prints.

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