‘Luxury Lifestyle’ Not Just Luxury Cars, Will It Work?

People aspire to own an Aston Martin. Andy Palmer, the automaker’s chief executive, has stated that he is not selling cars, he is “selling a dream.” Aston Martin also has a dream: to be considered and valued as a luxury lifestyle brand.

When cyclist and speed junkie Lionel Martin and engineer Robert Bamford joined forces in 1913, they were more interested in building a fast car than running a business. That became apparent. Aston Martin went bankrupt in 1925, the first of seven bankruptcies suffered by various incarnations of the British automaker.

Today, however, it seems that no product, however humble, is complete without a lifestyle. If it’s a staple product, most of the time the lifestyle will be all about having fun. Think about how beverage or snack labels currently incessantly ‘chatter’ to their customers. If it is a luxury product, the lifestyle it presents is usually as solemn as possible.

Let’s take a look at the promotional video for Aston Martin Residences, a condo project in Miami that carries the automobile brand. In this short story, an implausibly attractive couple – we assume they are a couple, although Mr. Residencias shows more affection for his car than for Mrs. Residencias – exchange brief, knowing smiles, before heading off to a Florida beach in their Aston Martin outboard motorboat. They do not appear to be having fun.

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The essence of a luxury brand lifestyle is that you should never laugh about it. A humorous self-awareness would make it impossible to say something like “we do everything for the love of ‘beautiful,’” which is how Mr. Palmer described to me how Aston Martin decides to extend the brand. The Aston name is already quite widespread. Descendants of the vehicles that Messrs. Bamford and Martin built in the 1920s might in the future include a brand-name submersible and lift-off aircraft.

In Mr. Palmer’s defense, he is not only selling the dream, but he is also selling shares in Aston’s upcoming initial public offering (IPO). Being among luxurious lifestyle brands like Hermès makes a difference to the likely valuation.

He was also chatting with me at the end of a long day, which began with an ‘interrogation’ on BBC radio, where he insisted that “those lucky wealthy individuals who can afford our cars also want Aston ships. Martin, they want Aston Martin submarines and they want Aston Martin apartments. ”

I doubt it. Despite Mr. Palmer’s insistence that Aston “is not just a car company,” most people simply want a vehicle, designed to high standards, as befitting its six-figure price tag. The vocabulary of the luxury lifestyle, with its “icons” and “quintessential”, is simply an ornament.

Aston Martin’s best lifestyle asset remains its best-known fictitious client, James Bond, whose image, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, is increasingly designed for the purpose of selling products. However, even that is partially out of Aston’s hands.

The company understands the risks. Last year, he rejoined his brand licensing department to the group. Authorizations to use the brand are carefully issued and resolutely maintained in the luxury sector.

To own an Aston Martin you don’t have to be a British secret agent fighting to save the world. You just have to be a big Hollywood star or have a bank account with several leading zeros. Agent 007 has a license to kill and style to drive and push some of his most iconic cars to the limit.

Aston Martin is a world-famous brand that seduces many famous people for its elegance, its luxury, and its performance. Let’s meet famous people who know what’s good … really. Although it is fiction, those quirks are worth believing.

The actor who was a true 007 agent felt so comfortable with the brand’s cars in Die Another Day that one fine day he got up at his house in Malibu and bought an impressive Vanquish valued at more than 250 thousand euros, which, unfortunately, he lost when a fire broke out in the garage of his house in 2015. Without a doubt, as the actor said on his social networks: “a car is just a car, life is a precious gift.” You will always be our favorite 007!

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