Coronavirus: Parents Are Worried About School Reopening

School Reopening

School Reopening! Many schools have been closed in most of the countries to curb the spread of the COVID-19. Most of the parents don’t want to send their children back to school until the pandemic is over. 

They do not want to take any decision that puts the child at risk of Coronavirus. 

Initially, parents find it difficult to adjust to the online education system of children, but now the virtual classes have become the new normal. 

We have been living with the fear of COVID-19 for almost six months and strictly following precautionary measures. But, unfortunately, even with strenuous lockdowns and social distancing measures, Coronavirus is not taking a pause, and more and more cases are taking place across the world. Scientists are scrambling to create COVID-19 vaccines, but it doesn’t look as though anything will be available before early 2021.

While the government plans to reopen the schools in December, most parents are not in favor of this unless a coronavirus vaccine is available. They don’t want to endanger the lives of their wards. 

But reopening schools is important to ensure quality education, and for the social and emotional development of children. For this, the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are required to take some hygienic and safety measures. 

Here are some effective measures that are recommended for schools to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

Follow the government guidelines closely

School Reopening! All the educational institutions have to stay up to date with the government’s recent information and guidelines. And have to implement them strictly on time.

Ensuring social distancing in classrooms

The WHO recommends maintaining appropriate social distance to control the spread of coronavirus. It is, therefore, important to maintain safe classroom spaces and modify the seating area where students are likely to be very close.

To ensure this, many schools are using social distancing floor stickers. They are perfect for helping people follow the two-meter rule.

Also, there should be proper spaces between the desk( at least 6 feet apart), and all children face the same direction to maintain the social distancing norms.

The Union Health ministry advisory suggests avoiding large assemblies and in classrooms. And, advised conducting the library and lab sessions in small groups and batches.

Stagger School timing to avoid the rush

For the smooth flow of students, it is important to stagger the timing. For instance, the open and closing time of school should be staggered according to different age groups, so that there are less likely to come in contact. 

Teach health and personal hygiene practices 

The World Health Organization recommends the regular use of alcohol-based sanitizers and handwashing with soap to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Besides this, the CDC has given strict instructions to clean and disinfect schools before reopening.

As per an article posted on Private School Review, most schools have implemented deep cleaning and sanitizing programs for the safety of students and staff members.

Teachers should regularly teach the students how to wash their hands properly and remind them to clean their hands at regular intervals.

Proper Ventilation System

Coronavirus mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets in the air, and poor ventilation in classrooms can increase the transmission of this disease. Therefore it is critical to improving the ventilation before reopening the schools. 

Shield Vulnerable Student and Staff

School Reopening! Although we all are facing a life-threatening epidemic, some people who suffer from respiratory or any other chronic disease are more vulnerable to coronavirus.

So, it would be better to give them extra protection. The school authorities should allow such students and staff members to learn and teach from home. 

Final Thoughts

Returning to school during Coronavirus is difficult for you and your children, but it is important for the overall development of the child. To be able to open the school safely, school officials must take all key steps to limit the spread of coronaviruses.

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