What Is The Step By Step Process To Go Abroad For Higher Studies

Studying abroad is every student’s dream. Unfortunately, not every student is able to grab admission in their desired abroad colleges. May be due to some financial or family issues. No matter whatever the issue is, you can always thank Study Abroad Advisors who are ready to guide you in the right way, always.

When you select any country to study, there are hundreds of thousands of questions running into your mind. But we at ERA Education help you to solve each query running into your mind. Your ideal study abroad consultant in Australia and Canada, ERA Education helps you to fulfill your dream. Today we will note down the step by step process to follow to study abroad. Read on:

1. Meet Study Abroad Advisors:

 If you have any queries or confusion related to career and courses, you can consult ERA Education, the best study abroad consultants in Australia and Canada. Our professional team will help you to find out the best solutions in your core interest subject. Also, help you in every possible way to select the best and most suitable course in your targeted University.

We believe that applying for higher studies abroad is a big decision, emotionally and financially. It is necessary to invest smartly and make proper research to make the correct decision.

2. Research well:

This is the most important step to perform. Investigate about the universities and courses available there. Likewise, you can scrutinize the things to do in the country you are visiting for further studies. Research about opportunities, campus, teaching modules, syllabus, and lastly employment prospects. Make sure to check the website, social media platforms, and students’ testimonials on different platforms.

3. Test Preparation:

Before applying to the desired university or college, you need to prepare for some tests. These tests include IELTS – International English Language Testing System which is an English proficiency test. It includes the test of reading, speaking, writing, and listening. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), PTE (Computer-based test), SAT (Scholastic Assessment), GRE (Graduate Record Examination), and some more are required for getting a visa.

4. Make application:

After doing extensive research on every prospect, you should then put forward your application in your desired college. Your study abroad advisors will help you to smoothen the process. This will definitely help you to improve the chances of your selection. Our team takes the duty very seriously and we follow strict ethical and legal standards.

Our team also professionally helps you to get qualified for English or any linguistic or entrance test required to enter your desired college abroad. Whether it’s Canada, the USA, or Australia, ERA Education also helps you to get a Canada Study visa or Australia Study Visa. Also, you need to decide which course you wish to learn. Research in-depth as per your choice.

5. Offer acceptance:

Once you apply to your desired university or college abroad, your application will be received and assessed well by the University. They will notify you about the admission. However, this process may take a few weeks or even a few months. But you can definitely choose 3 to 4 reputed universities for admission.

Also, before accepting the application, the study abroad advisor will help you to decide the best option for you.

6. Student Visa:

This is another vital step you need to carry out while applying for the course abroad. Now, you have to check all the rules and formalities of each country. Your study abroad counselor will guide you best for the application process. It will help you prepare the documents needed for the same.

If you choose Canada, Australia, the US, or any country, you will require a Canada study visa, Australia study visa, and likewise, respective country study visa. It includes a Language certificate, Educational institute enrolment evidence, funding evidence, and some more required documents. Check the visa requisites thoroughly.

7. Attend the Pre-Departure seminar:

Attend a seminar that will give you incredible knowledge about migration, traveling, and settling in western nations. These kinds of seminars help you to know about various facets of student life on foreign lands. It also helps to know how to find out employment opportunities while pursuing and after the completion of studies.

8. Select the place to stay:

Before you visit any country for your further studies, you need to decide which will be the ideal location to stay. Is the place safe? Will you be able to find regular items to be used? Will you be able to get 24/7 electricity, water, and internet usage? Will you be having someone to stay with you? The rent and everything you need to figure out. It seems to be difficult right? But relax our study abroad consultants in India can help and suggest areas to stay.

9. Flight booking:

Once you are selected in your desired university, deciding the course and completing the formalities. Now, it’s time to fly. Yes. Book your flights immediately after completion of an application or if you have some time left of starting college, then at least book a flight ticket before 2 months of college starting. You need to check the best, safest, and affordable flight and book accordingly. Further, you need to check the baggage or entry requisites and allowance fees.

10. Ready to live:

The end moment while leaving has lots of work to complete. Your counselor will help you in matters like exchanging currencies, insurance, SIM Cards, accommodation, opening a bank account, nation rules and regulations, and information about a new culture. Gather as much information as you can with the help of study abroad advisors like ERA Education.

We, at ERA Education, respect your dreams and prioritize them to turn them into reality. As your visa and study abroad consultant, we help you in every aspect that will make you feel relaxed from making an application, to finding out the best degree, searching for the best apartment to stay, and lots more. We are 24/7 present for you, to help you and to solve all your queries.

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