Start An SEO Reseller Program For Success In Digital Marketing

SEO Reseller Program

An SEO Reseller Program is widely used by agencies to outsource their SEO business. This program helps agencies advertise SEO services as a part of their service offerings and seek SEO work from their clients.

SEO Reseller Program is an essential element of a Digital Marketing campaign

Let’ face it. Digital marketing is an essential element of the overall marketing strategy of every business enterprise today. No matter what the size of the business is, or the industry vertical in which it operates, every business keeps aside a certain portion of its advertising & marketing spend on digital marketing.

Businesses usually hire agencies to help them prepare a digital marketing roadmap for their enterprise. Faced with such an assignment, agencies typically tend to bundle SEO offerings as an essential element of any digital marketing campaign that they present to the business. SEO activities improve website traffic, make the brand more visible, bring tangible results to the business and help improve the ROI in any marketing assignment.

By following these approach agencies are able to convince their clients of the value of SEO and in this way are able to win sizeable deals from business enterprises, who prefer working with one agency rather than outsourcing different elements of their digital marketing strategy to different services providers.

After winning the business, agencies outsource the SEO services to reliable SEO services providers under an SEO Reseller Program.

Selecting the right SEO services provider

This is a critical function in any SEO Reseller Program and requires careful handling to ensure successful outcomes. Before you identify and outsource to a partner, ensure that you have done your homework.

Get references from real people:

Rather than obtaining information from websites, or online references, it is a best practice to obtain references from real people who have hands-on experience of working with SEO services providers and can vouch for their skill-sets, work ethics, and ability to deliver on critical and time-bound SEO work. If possible, meet your potential SEO services provider face-to-face or virtually using online tools.

Business operations since when?

Never enter into business dealings with SEO providers who have just started their operations. They might not have the experience. Another risk is that they might shut their business anytime. Always trust SEO providers who have been operating for 5+ years and have ongoing operations and assignments from which they can relate and share their experience. Usually, such SEO providers also have regular staff, and the chance of them closing shop is negligible.

Experience and expertise in your niche industry

Look out for those SEO providers that have experience and have worked in your client’s niche industry before. They would be familiar with the nuances of those industries and would be able to quickly address similar challenges facing your clients and come up with an SEO strategy focused on short term and long-term goals.

Payment structure and cost

Give preference to those SEO providers who provide value for money. This means that being the cheapest is not always the best. Rather having a mid-way policy where you get good quality and reliable service against a decent payment and cost structure is the best way to move forward.

For this, you have to negotiate and work out the best deal with the SEO provider that you have chosen, so that it is a win-win situation for you as well as the provider.

Quality of communication

Check out the quality of communication of the SEO services provider. They must be able to read, write, and speak fluent English and be available to answer phone calls and respond quickly to emails.

Check out with a trial project

Check the quality standards of the potential SEO services provider by giving them a trial project to check their quality, communication and delivery commitments. Their performance on the trial project will go a long way in helping you determine whether they live up to their promises.


An SEO Reseller Program is an excellent way to sell SEO services and increase your market size. By following the above check-list you would be able to find the right SEO services partner to whom to offer your services.

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