How Often Should Your Carpets Be Cleaned

A freshly cleaned carpet has a way of exuding freshness down to the soul. Walking into your building to find your carpets looking nice, smelling fresh and sitting pretty can have an uplifting effect on your spirit. It does not take much to get your carpets in this state.

However, a lot of questions frequently arise about the cleaning frequency for carpets. How often should the carpets be cleaned? Am I cleaning it too much? Is my cleaning not enough? We have received so many questions that we decided to bring you a trustworthy answer.

First, it is essential to know that the cleaning frequency of your carpet differs with respect to some factors. You, as a single woman leaving alone, spending almost all day at work, do not expect to have the same cleaning frequency with a mum of 3 kids within the ages of 4 and 8. What are the factors to be considered, then?

Factors affecting carpet cleaning frequency

  1. Presence of young children at home
  2. Home rules and etiquettes as regards the use of shoes indoors.
  3. Colour choice of carpets
  4. Fibre material and density of the carpet.
  5. Frequency of visitors in the home
  6. The weather condition of your home location; areas with frequent snows and rain have a higher tendency to track dirt.
  7. Presence of pets in the home

As you should have noticed, the frequency of your carpet cleaning routine is largely dependent on your lifestyle. Asides the obvious telling means of noticing lots of dirt, discolouration, dull colouring and malodorous odours from your carpets, you can use the above-listed factors to make a decision.

Here is a helpful frequency scheme that you can use;

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For Homeowners

For little traffic: Vacuum once a week

For medium traffic: Vacuum twice to thrice weekly

For consistent traffic: Vacuum anywhere from 4 times in a week to daily.

For Professionals

For little traffic: Carry out deep cleaning between 1-2 years

For medium traffic: Deep clean annually

For consistent traffic: Deep clean once in six months.

Other effective cleaning methods

Asides vacuuming, there are other ways that one could keep the carpets clean. They include;

1. Cleaning stains immediately

It is a bad idea to leave stains completely unattended to immediately they occur. Even without the slightest clue as to what to do, you can at least get rid of the excess liquid or solid, depending on the cause of the stain. When left, the stains can be absorbed deep into the fibre of the carpet, making their elimination more difficult.

Note also that stains should not be frantically attacked while trying to get rid of them. Mild blotting with the right solution will do the trick.

2. Do not wear shoes indoors

Wearing shoes from outside into the home can introduce dirt to the carpet. It is a good idea to either implement the rule of leaving outdoor shoes outside or buy special indoor slippers that can conveniently be worn indoors. Since the indoor slippers will only be restricted to use within the home, you can be sure that no dirt will be transferred through them.

Asides bringing dirt to the carpet, hard-soled shoes can be too strenuous on the material of the carpet, causing it to fade or lose shape easily.

3. Place a rug over high traffic areas

In areas where you know a lot of movements are inevitably made, it is a good idea to place a rug over those ideas. Cleaning a rug is way easier than cleaning a carpet, and so you can save yourself the stress and extra cost of constantly cleaning your carpet by simply placing a rug over those areas.

Importance of professional carpet cleaning

The usual minor cleaning of your carpets will not be enough. Occasionally, every carpet deserves to feel the full love that comes from a professional cleaning. Deep cleaning can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and tricky, as, without the right equipment or the necessary skills, you could ruin your carpets.

When a professional carpet cleaning company that is competent handles your carpets, you will notice an immediate transformation in the smell, look and feel of your carpets.

Still, wondering where to find the right carpet cleaning in London? We have found you this time. Ryan Carpet Cleaning will give your carpet the time of its life. We are experienced, and we always have our customer’s satisfaction is our priority. Our methods are eco-friendly and very effective.

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