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Logo Online! Logo design is the very first step to take when a new business project is born. We explain what you have to do and what you should avoid when dealing with the image of the project you are about to create.

Many articles that address logo design get lost in complex technical theories about nomenclatures, history, and design trends. But all this is not very relevant in our case.

On the one hand, why would it be to create a graphic design treaty, when what we are pursuing, in this case, is to design a logo that fulfills its function. That is why here we are only going to focus on giving you practical advice on the process of developing your logo design.

The more steps to design your logo

1. The target

To begin with, we cannot pass without having defined the key points:

Where are we going to use it

Who are we addressing

What do we want to convey

2. Document us

The second step will be to document ourselves. We must investigate the market both nationally and internationally. It is a very common mistake to face the paper’s target without having studied the sector in which we intend to compete. Although not everything from outside is better, considering how it is acted in other countries can give us keys to evolve what we see in our closest environment.

When it comes to documenting ourselves, what we pursue is to analyze each case in its concept, discard what we see as inappropriate, and focus on what surprises us positively. Once the cases that have captivated us have been identified, we will analyze why they have been so attractive. The objective is to conclude what works and what does not work in environments similar to the one in which our brand is going to move.

The creative process

Now we have a list of individual ideas: fonts, concepts, shapes, and color combinations. The third step is to start the creative process. Taking into account the references taken, we will proceed to apply them. We will make combinations in such a way that we can mark the first line in ways that are the base that gives personality to the final result.

Serif or Sans Serif? A futuristic line or the curves of the lettering? Whatever your decision, fonts’ choice has to keep the perfect balance between the creative part and the readability. Let’s not forget that the main objective is to convey a message, please, that it be understood.

Once we have the arrangement of the elements, we will proceed to define the colors of our logo. It cannot be a random decision, colors evoke sensations and emotions, and these will remain associated with our brand. Be careful not to overload the logo with many colors. Remember that it is important that our brand can be associated with a combination of colors and not the rainbow.

The software

Finally, it is important to indicate that to design a logo. It is essential to do it in a vector program: Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand, or the free Inkscape. Choose the one that is most suit for you but use vectors.

Still, there are a lot of online tools to use. For example, DesignEvo is one of the best online logo makers. With this tool, you can design your unique logos in minutes without any difficulty. Why is this tool so user-friendly? Because it has more 10,000 well-made templates to choose from.

Besides, millions of searchable icons and shapes to add. Are you want to learn how to design your works with DesignEvo? The steps are simple. You can choose a template, customize upon the template, and then preview and download. With numerous resources, you can no worry about how to start your logo projects. And it provides vector images.

The image of our brand has to be used to be represented both in business cards and in the signage of the entrance. A design made with vectors, when enlarged, will never lose quality.

Print it if needed

The last step is to do the printing tests, either by color, by the composition’s elements, or by the typography’s adequacy. It is essential that what we see on the screen also works when it is printed.

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