Important Things To Know Before Buying Air Conditioners

Summers in Australia can be scorching and this is when air conditioners come into the picture to give us some relief. An air-conditioner always contributes to a huge amount of monthly electricity bills. Central air conditioners are always recommended if you are not running out of money. But window and split air conditioners can be the best option if you are looking for an inexpensive and energy-efficient way out.

You’ll be surprised to know that around five million air conditioning units were purchased in 2019. In the summers, you become entirely dependent on your air-conditioner. Therefore, it becomes really important to choose the right type of air-conditioner for your home. Always go for an AC that consumes less power and meets your requirements.

Below are the fundamental things you need to keep in mind while buying air conditioning units.

Types of Air Conditioners

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First of all, you need to know what different types of air-conditioners are available in the market. AC’s come in different varieties such as central air-conditioning, split system air-conditioner, window air-conditioner, portable air-conditioner, and hybrid air-conditioners. But whatever AC type you choose, go for the better energy efficiency. In that regard, using the Power to Choose website can help you determine which electric company is best for you and will not raise your power bill.

You’ll find every air conditioner is featured with star ratings ranging from 1 to 5. So, the higher the ratings, the lower the consumption of energy. For example- a 4-star conditioner will consume less electricity than a 2 star AC.

You can also choose inverter ACs; they are quite budget-friendly and energy-efficient as well. This type of AC consumes less energy than the traditional types of air conditioners. If you are not running out of money, it’s better to choose inverter air conditioners. In simpler words, you’ll find that a 3-star inverter AC will consume less power than a 5 star conventional AC.

Cooling Capacity

This is the second most important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes, because ignoring this point can end up wasting your hard-earned money. Cooling capacity means how much your air conditioning unit can eliminate heat from the air in a given time period. Getting the right air conditioner with appropriate cooling capacity is important.

If your AC’s cooling capacity is too high, it will make your room chilled in no time without dehumidification. On the other hand, if your AC’s cooling capacity is less, your AC will not cool your room appropriately.

Generally, if your room is around 100 to 130 square feet, a 1-ton air conditioner is enough. If your room size is more than 175 square feet, it’s better to go for a 1.5-ton air conditioning unit.

When you pick the right conditioner with appropriate cooling capacity, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill. Also keep in mind that, cooling capacity also depends on the height of your room, room temperature, and the number of windows.

Think About After Sales Services

Air conditioners often run on complex and highly-advanced technology. This means they require servicing even when they are working fine and there is nothing wrong with them. Therefore, always choose a popular brand that can provide after-sales service, and technicians of that brand are easily available. You can also ask your dealer about the after-sales service.

In simpler words, don’t fall in the trap of looks and features of air conditioners. The maintenance and repair costs should be affordable after purchasing. If you are a first-time buyer, stay away from the latest brand.

Now, you know which essential points you have to consider while buying your air conditioning unit. The festive season is about to come, and it’s the best time to purchase an air conditioner for your home. Now, keep your pockets ready and welcome a brand new AC in your house.

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