Why Is There A High Demand For Asian Egg Donors?

When a woman decides to extend her family with the help of egg donation, she has to make plenty of choices. One of the first choosing an egg donor. While egg donation can be pursued using many ways but the most reputable way is to go through an egg donors agency. These agencies have a pool of egg donor databases and experience that can help you realize your dream faster and in a safer way.

When choosing an egg donor, a lot of factors come into play – ethnicity, educational background, characteristic traits, etc. One of the important factors that shape the demand for egg donors is ethnicity.

Egg donation is mostly the last resort for couples who have been fighting with infertility for years now. As they pursue this option, they have certain criteria for selecting an egg donor like ethnicity. There are still many Asian families where egg donation is taboo and families tend to oppose it.

So, the couples who belong from such regions want their child to inherit their ethnic traits. For example, a Korean couple looking for egg donations would most likely be interested in a Korean egg donor only.

Why Does Ethnicity Matter In Egg Donation?

Ethnicity is an important decisive factor for intended parents. Women, who want to use donor eggs, have a concern related to how their baby will look? Genetics play an important role in shaping the physical characteristics of a child, and mental and cognitive capabilities to an extent.

Physical traits like eye color, hair color, blood type, etc. are inherited. In egg donation, all the three parties involved i.e. the egg donor, recipient, and the recipient’s partner affect the growing fetus in significant ways.

So, when a couple uses donor eggs, the genes of the egg donor and the recipient’s partner egg will merge. And, the resulting characteristic features will be passed on to the child. The basic characteristics of your child’s eye color to adult height will be affected by the genes inherited from the donor’s egg and your partner’s sperm.

This does not mean that the egg recipient’s genetic code has no role to play. She can affect the processing of genes through health and lifestyle choices. However, that’s a very detailed topic and we can discuss it in another post.

The ethnic features of your child can be impacted by the ethnicity of the egg donor. If you want your child to look similar to you, you will have to choose a donor with the same ethnicity.

Amongst all other ethnicities, Asian egg donors are more in demand.

The Increasing Demand For Asian Egg Donors

A donor’s ethnicity and family heritage are the most desirable traits for donors, closely followed by higher education.

There are intended parents of various ethnicities looking for egg donors who look like them or have the same ethnic background. This includes the color of skin, hair, features, etc.

Women of Asian descent are demanded more due to increasing cases of infertility amongst Asian countries. However, there is a lack of supply. Japanese egg donors, Chinese egg donors, Indian egg donors are in huge demand in the international egg donation market.

In Asian cultures, women’s fertility is a very private issue and not discussed openly. But now with the help of social media and education, young women are learning how they can help other women become mothers by donating eggs.

But often family restrictions and cultural gaps forbid them from donating their eggs. Egg donor agencies willingly pay higher compensation to Asian egg donors to encourage them to donate more and to meet the requirement of Asian infertile couples.

Agencies believe that the demand for Asian egg donors has not kept pace with the supply, and this is the reason why they are eager to pay more compensation to them. Complex cultural perceptions related to fertility are probably the major reason behind the scarcity of Asian egg donors.

For egg recipients looking for Asian donors, this means lengthy waits, additional expense, and intensive searches. To save time, intended parents can seek help from reputed egg donation agencies who have a variety of egg donors belonging to different religions and ethnicities.

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