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Backswing Tips! What most golfers don’t realize is that the most important move you make when trying to hit a golf ball is not at contact but when you first start to take the club back. If you do not have a proper backswing there is no way to get the club back in position to hit consistently solid shots.

The speed during the backswing is also critical for making sure that your timing is right to strike the ball with a square clubface ensuring that the ball will go straight.

Before we get into the backswing tips it is important to quickly check your stance and grip. Are your feet about shoulder length apart and your shoulders square? The ball should be positioned slightly forward in the stance a few inches behind the front foot. You should be holding the club lightly with the grip resting on the lower three fingers of your left hand (for right-handed golfers) and the first three fingers of your right hand with the hands slightly overlapping.

Now you are ready for the backswing tips. You want the backswing to start in one fluid motion. The takeaway of the club from the ball should have your hands, arms, and shoulders all starting to move at the same time. As the hands press away from the ball and head straight back, the arms follow and the shoulders start to rotate away from your target.

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Don’t move too quickly as you take the club back, the golf swing is really about tempo and you want to be able to complete the swing over and over again in the exact same manner. As the hands go back and the arms swing, your wrists will begin to cock as you make the transition from going back to taking the club up.

Keep the wrists hinged as you reach the top of the swing which is at about shoulder height. This is where you want to get your legs involved in the swing as well for more power. As you start down with the club, drive with your left hip and legs forward as you turn your shoulders back towards the target.

You will start to feel the heel of your right foot lift off the ground as you come around your body with the club and your weight should be transferred forward at impact. As you reach the bottom of the swing unhinge the wrists and wrap the club around your body.

The tempo of the swing is critical, start back slowly, and finish quicker. Do not stop the swing at impact; continue to accelerate until the club is all the way behind you. A great backswing tip for tempo is to count in your head as you practice the swing:

“One-one thousand, two-one thousand” going back to the top of the swing and then “three-one thousand” as you come down and finish. If you enjoyed reading this article please visit my golf website at Golf Club Hamburg.

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